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How to manage an Architecture Office?

Are you going to set up your own Architecture Office? Then this article is for you!


    In this article we explain how to efficiently manage your Architecture Office so that you have better results.

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    Today we will talk about a topic of utmost importance for all design professionals, since, at some point in our careers, we may have crossed the idea of ​​becoming independent. While it is true that working in an office, builder or office is very good in terms of experience and learning, the truth is that we all at least have the aspiration of one day having our own office or office and owning our own time .

    The idea in principle is good. However if you already ventured and want to start, you need to know some basic points to manage your own office, and most importantly: Grow.

    First we begin by defining what is the Administration of companies: The administration is a process through which seeks to integrate the human, material, and economic resources of an organization, with the purpose of achieving an objective, in this case if we talk about One person, we will talk about our own resources.

    The creation of a company (however small) entails a responsibility and therefore we must define our field of action well, remember that the fewer areas of production we cover, the greater our specialization.

    Vision, mission and objectives

    The vision is a future image of how we want our office, company or office to be, the purpose of this is to guide and encourage the organization or the individual to achieve the desired objectives. Of course, this vision is totally oriented to the future.

    The mission defines the turn to which the organization will dedicate or focus and the needs that it covers with its products and / or services, as well as the image we want to give to the clientele of our organization. In the case of the mission of a design office it would be something similar to, «transform the space to give happiness to our customers». This to give an example.

    In the case of the objectives, we speak of an achievement or achievements that we propose within a certain period of time. The objective is unlike the «vision» is quantifiable, that is, it can be measured. Of course, these objectives must be in accordance with the mission and vision of the office.
    Indirect costs

    As we all know the indirect costs are part of a work budget, however we must calculate the expense we do in a certain time (usually the unit of time is 1 month), these expenses can be: Energy Service electric, water, internet, telephone, stationery, etc. It does not matter that we have a «home office» or home office, we must calculate these expenses in order to collect a percentage of them in our fees for the work we do.

    Image, Marketing and Communication

    Communication and marketing are fundamental in the life of a company, and even more so in its beginnings, since with these tools we can make ourselves known and attract potential clients that require our services.

    But before clicking or opening an account in any social network, we must choose and develop our corporate image, it does not matter if you are alone, it is necessary that you offer a professional, serious and corporate image to convey greater security to the client that is dealing with the right professional, of course the image goes through creating a logo and the name of our brand or company. We can also use our own name to create a brand and ironically «make us a name».

    Once our corporate image is defined, we can now proceed to create our image in social networks and have a presence publishing our services, remember that we have already written several articles related to the topic of social networks and branding (creation of a brand) for Architects, you can find in our web contents.

    But not only should we focus on virtual marketing, we should also worry about promoting ourselves in our community, business cards and advertisements in local publications are a good way to promote ourselves at an affordable price, if we do not have the resources to do it then there is only to be limited to digital advertising.

    Organization chart

    Every company, office or office involves an organization of personnel, as in all companies there are hierarchies and different areas of work or production, in case you have enough resources to hire staff then you will have to draw up an organization chart where you have well defined the hierarchies and occupations of each employee.

    In case you are undertaking your own. You must also create an organization chart where in the medium or long term you plan how you would like it to be a company, the growth of a company must always be planned and in this case a foreclosed Architect is worth two, or five or ten.

    Well, friends, as you can see undertaking and managing an office is not something simple, we must take into account multiple factors that, if we consider them on time and plan them can save us a lot of headaches and can also ensure the future and the success of Our personal company. Remember that for more content like this you have to visit and recommend