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7 Errors when looking for ARCHITECTURE JOBS

Do you know what you should NOT do in a job interview? Here we tell you! Discover here 7 errores when looking Architecture jobs.

Check out our tips and put them into practice so that in your job interview you get the architecture job you want.

Architecture jobs
7 Errors when looking for ARCHITECTURE JOBS.

    7 Errors when looking for Architecture Jobs

    Getting jobs today is difficult because of the shortage of vacancies and the increasing competition in the labor sector, which is why today it is not enough just to be trained or prepared to fill a vacancy, now from the interview And recruiters see the profiles and do not accept (or where appropriate) accept applicants for the position.

    Here in this article we tell you what are the 7 things you DO NOT do in a job interview, with this you will have more chances to have that job that you are looking for.

    1- Punctuality

    Punctuality is a basic thing for a job and in all aspects of life. It is advisable to arrive 15 or 20 minutes before the time scheduled for the interview. All this in order to better prepare and mentalizarte on the site. In other cases other people can be unpunctual and if you do not find someone can call you before other applicants.

    That is why being punctual is a must and recruiters have this in mind.

    2- Clothing

    They say that «to be, you have to look» and that is why clothing becomes a key point. It is recommended that you dress as if you were already occupying that vacancy to which you are postulating, go with your clothes clean and ironed.

    Uses a discreet lotion and tries to go as presentable and professional as possible. The appearance says a lot about a person and in this case. His work. In the case of women it is advisable to attend interviews with a moderate use of accessories and colors that are conservative or that are not too flashy or flashy.

    3- Never talk bad about a boss or previous job

    Never speak badly about a job or a previous boss. However bad a relationship you have had in the past or a bad job or working relationships. In the interviews do not go into too much detail about this.

    Focus on saying that you learned a lot Of the previous experiences and that you are looking for a new development opportunity in the company that you are requesting work. Never give more information. Remember that everything you say (or do not say) will be taken into account by the recruiter and can affect or benefit you when you get the job.

    4- Do not talk about salary when you arrive

    It is true that economic remuneration in most cases is the main motivation to apply for a job. But in a job interview do not show too eager to talk about economic issues as you will give an image to the recruiter that you are only looking for Employment for economic remuneration and not so much for professional development or for serving the company.

    5- Short-term plans

    If they ask you the plans you have in the short term and you respond that you are looking to put a new business or respond with some interest that is totally contrary to those of the company. Then practically these are sentenced not to be called or hired by that company.

    No company would invest the time and money in training a person who soon after has thought to leave to work. The companies look for professionals or workers who want to develop a race within its corporation.

    6- Answering calls or not turning off the phone

    Answering a call in full job interview can be quite uncomfortable and annoying for the recruite. It is an attitude that practically leaves you out of employment. So before entering the interview try to turn off your mobile and concentrate solely and exclusively on the interview.

    7- Weaknesses

    In a job interview usually one of the most recurring questions is: What are your weaknesses or your weaknesses? In this case try to turn your weakness into a strength. Do not focus or uncover your weaknesses as an excess of it can «scare off» the recruiter and deny the possibility of giving you that job.

    As you can see, there are several points to consider when applying for a job interview. Nowadays competition in the labor market is so wide that recruiters observe and take into account each detail to select futures Employees of the companies.

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