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How to know if I should hire an Architect or an INTERIOR DESIGNER?

What is the field of action between the work of an Architect and that of an Interior Designer? Here we tell you!


    Sometimes people get confused and believe that the work of an Architect and an Interior Designer is exactly the same, here we explain what are the differences.

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    This time in Arquinétpolis we bring you a very interesting topic, since most of the times we find that in the collective imagination of people is the idea that the work of an Architect and an Interior Designer or decorator turns out to be exactly the same. This is due to certain similarities that these professions hold in terms of design and the preparation of plans and work on site, however as there are similarities there are also large differences between these professions.

    What is the work of an Architect?

    The work of an architect is basically the creation of a design concept that involves the spatial needs of the client, in turn must have the tact to capture their own style without intervening or opposing the interests and needs of the same.

    For the execution of all these activities, the Architect must have the knowledge and the preparation for the understanding of these complex design processes as well as the constructive processes necessary to carry out the work. He must also study the spaces that satisfy the functions of the Being human and that in turn are the emotional or sentimental expression of the people who inhabit them, spaces must express their way of seeing or living life as well as improving the quality of it.

    People in the world inhabit spaces in different ways according to their social environment, their culture and their time, and it is the Architect who must study all these variables in order to achieve an integral design.

    • Elaborate a concept taking into account the needs of the client
    • Advises the client on the feasibility of their project
    • It is responsible for managing the work from the administrative point of view and can manage construction permits and other documentation necessary to execute the work
    • It gives solution to the unforeseen and inconveniences that could arise during the construction
    • An Architect can work on projects or works that start from scratch or in extensions, renovations and also in the conservation or restoration of historic buildings.

    How to know if I need to hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?

    This is the most important question and for which we have decided to present this article to you, definitely if you are looking to create your house from scratch or make structural modifications of the whole house then you need the help of an Architect, since the Architect has the knowledge necessary on foundations and structures that an Interior Designer does not have.

    But if what you want is to reform or give an identity to the home spaces then you need the help of an Interior Designer, since they have a greater knowledge and mastery over the materials such as: Floors, textiles, colors, etc. An Architect can suggest certain styles of decoration, but the Interior Designers elaborate this work in a more meticulous and specific way.

    Both the Architects and the Interior Designers are trained to draw plans, an Architect focuses more on the space itself, studying the inter-spatial relationships and relationships of a house as well as drawing diagrams of operation of it, while the Designer of Interiors is responsible for harmonizing spaces and provide them with an identity or style, they are definitely two professions that complement each other. We can say that an ideal or integral project requires the participation of both an Architect and an Interior Designer.