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Do you use your smartphone for work? This is for you! Discover here the best 5 apps that exist for work in civil engineering.


    These 5 apps will make your walk and work much more practical in a work, you can not miss them.


    Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and this time in Arquinétpolis we will talk about 5 apps that, if you work in the work, you will be very grateful, as they facilitate some of the tasks that we perform as architects within a civil work.

    1- Construction Manager

    The first thing to say about this app is that at the moment it is only in English, but it has great potential, since you can manage, edit and save information about your work through pre-loaded forms such as: Reports, estimates, calendars and maintenance records .

    All this will allow you to have a daily follow-up of what happens in your work and is a kind of digital log in which you can go reviewing the important events of your construction. The app is available in Google Play and iTunes.

    2- Angle Meter Pro

    One of the most important works in a work is the measurement and verification, so Angle Meter Pro is very useful for you and can help you solve many problems, this application allows you to know and measure angles or slopes with great accuracy, you can do it from different mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

    This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems, but in iTunes this app has a cost.

    3- Project Planning Pro

    This is a PAYMENT application, however it is worth investing a bit, since this app can facilitate the management of a work.

    Project Planning Pro is an easy-to-use application and is a project and works management tool. You can create tasks in a short time and use different tasks to manage and execute your project effectively. With Project Planning Pro you can also import your Microsoft Project files on Mac, iOS and Android. It is an ideal option to visualize, plan and manage your projects

    4- AutoCAD 360

    AutoCAD 360 is an application that you must have if or if on your mobile device, this application is the official AutoCAD program and allows you to create new CAD drawings and edit marks or revisions to existing drawings directly from your mobile device.

    Visualize your most recent plans and work on them from the work or from your work site, you can access advanced tools for annotation, measurement and layer management. You can also work without an internet connection and synchronize the changes you made when you reconnect to the Internet.

    5- Builder’s Helper

    This is one of the most advanced construction apps, intuitive and easy to use, with it you will be able to handle even large-scale works. Basically this application consists of construction calculators that will allow you to perform calculations in a simpler way, you can perform calculations on stairs, paintings, floors, etc.

    You can also store project documents such as plans and photographs within this application and thus facilitate understanding and navigation within the project. With this you can track your work.