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Tips for working during the Night as an Architect

For a student of Architecture or Graduate Architect work at night making plans or models is something routine.

Night work requires a high level of concentration, which is why the wear and tear our body suffers when we do not sleep is much greater, here we tell you how you can work all night and recover without feeling the ravages of fatigue.


Today we will talk about a super interesting topic for all those students of Architecture and Architects graduates, as we all know the jobs of our career are very demanding and usually take us several hours (or even days) to be able to conclude them, whether it is a physical or virtual model as well as the preparation of plans and budgets make us have to have the night to work and thus finish them in a timely manner.


    Tips for working during the Night as an Architect

    The famous «sleepless» are the hallmark of our career as many others, however every time we unveil our body resents the effects of lack of sleep, that is why today we will tell you how to recover after working a whole night and not to resent the effects of that sleeplessness.

    The human body as we all know is biologically conditioned to sleep at night, so that people who work on night shifts can suffer from insomnia, drowsiness and fatigue the next day at work, as well as other health problems. For this there are several recommendations to not feel these havoc for the lack or debt of hours of sleep we have with our body, among these recommendations we can find the following.

    Program your dream

    Before starting work at night, schedule your dream. This is quite important since a regular sleep schedule is vital to work at night and can help us adapt or recover better. Organize your sleeping schedule and try not to change it often, try to avoid long work hours or long transfers since all these activities can affect your ability to recover.

    Quality in the recovery of sleep

    If you go to work during a long period of night shifts and you are already starting to leave them, you may suffer from sleep deprivation and it will take you some time to get used to the «normal» sleep schedule again. In this case, trying to sleep as early as possible is the solution, even if you have not had a complete rest, do your activities normally and when the night comes, go to bed early.

    Continue sleeping and getting up at the same time every day until your sleep rhythm begins to reach normal and you no longer have symptoms of drowsiness or fatigue during the day.

    Recommendations for working during the night

    To work more efficiently, we recommend that the work area where you will be is well lit, if possible use a white light to work. In the middle of the night it is always important to eat a snack to avoid future gastric problems. Important: Take a nap between 60 and 90 minutes before starting work.

    The dinner prior to the night that you will spend the night tries to eat foods rich in proteins, for example, a chicken breast. If you eat products that contain too many carbohydrates they can cause drowsiness in the middle of the night. Limit the consumption of caffeine and other stimulants, although during your workday can be helpful to maintain concentration, its effect can prolong and interfere with your rest.


    After work it is important that you take care of the environmental conditions of where you are going to sleep, try to make your room contain as little light and noise as possible, you can use a sleeping mask or ear plugs since during the day there is much more noise than at night. Turn off notifications or mute the phone and other devices or electronic devices until the time you get up because they can interrupt your sleep.

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