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Smartphones for Architects: SAMSUNG GALAXY S8

It has unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S8, a smartphone that has multiple features and that can be a good gadget for every Architect.


    Here we present the features, prices and everything related to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and how you can get the most out of it as an Architect.

    samsung galaxy 8

    Today in Arquinétpolis we bring you a scoop, and that is that, today has been presented in society the new Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. A phone that has great features and that for the work of the architect in day to day can be very useful with many of its innovative tools.


    One of the tools of the smartphone that we use most as architects is the camera, most of the times we need it to photograph works or our work, this time the Galaxy S8 has a 12 megapixel camera and an F1.7 aperture, ideal to obtain quality images even in very dark environments. The front camera (or the camera of the selfies as we all know it) happens to have 8 megapixels.

    The screen of this new Galaxy model is one of the largest, since it takes more than 80% of the surface of the phone, this is important if you are using applications such as AutoCAD, where a larger screen area will allow you to visualize and work better with the plans.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels, one of the best in the world for a smartphone, with which you can view design applications at maximum resolution and improve your experience. The accessibility and handling of the camera have been improved, for example, to activate the zoom and zoom in or out the image will be enough to slide the thumb to the left or to the right on the same screen.


    Samsung has introduced a new accessory that can be quite useful for an architect or designer, this accessory is called DeX and basically allow the smartphone to connect to an external monitor. This base will make the content of the smartphone appear on the large monitor and you can work with the phone as if it were a computer, with a keyboard and mouse. as if we were in front of a computer.

    You can open applications, receive notifications, calls, watch videos and work with programs, just as you would from your own computer. Can you imagine opening and editing plans from your phone as if you were doing it from a computer? Now with the Galaxy s8 you can do it. And if anything was needed, the DeX will also work as a charger so you will not have to worry about running out of battery at some point while you work.

    Memory and storage

    The storage memory of the Galaxy S8 is 64 GB (same that can be extended by the micro SD card). The battery and the memory are resistant to water, so you will not have a problem in that aspect.


    In the presentation was announced that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will go on sale from next April 28 and will do so in 3 colors, black, silver and gray. The price of the Galaxy S8 will be approximately between 16,500 and 17,500 Mexican pesos (between 750 and 800 US dollars)

    Samsung Connect

    Finally in the presentation was also announced the new app developed by Samsung and is «Samsung connect», this application will allow you to control from a single single control all smart devices of the Samsung brand you have at home, from a Smart TV even washing machines and refrigerators.

    Well, as always here in Arquinétpolis we want to update you on the gadgets that appear every day and if you buy a Galaxy S8 remember all this information that we have given you to take advantage of and get the most out of your smartphone. Remember that to find content like this you have to visit and recommend: