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DIGITAL TOOLS to develop an Architecture Thesis

Are you about to do an architecture thesis? Then this is for you!


    Discover here the digital tools that you can use to be more efficient in preparing your architecture thesis.

    digital tools

    Elaborating an architecture thesis entails many hours of effort and sacrifice, but fortunately there are increasing digital tools that allow us to organize and process information more efficiently.

    Within the writing and preparation of a thesis or a research protocol you have to classify dozens or even hundreds of documents, citations, files and books in order to organize, collect and select the information you need.


    The Weava site offers you the necessary tools so that you can create and organize notes or appointments while reading or classifying, thereby facilitating the process of selecting information. You can go documenting everything you read and in turn grouping it into categories according to the case, from definitions, conclusions, appointments, etc.

    It is as if you had a digital bookmark in your hands, with which you can calmly classify all the information you are reading, you can even change the colors to visually identify the type of information you read.

    Within the functions you can also save in the cloud the information you are collecting, it even contains an automatic generator of citations in various formats, which will help you even more in the writing and preparation of your thesis or research protocol. You can count on the services of this site through a Google Chrome plugin that helps to mark content that you find on the internet.

    Service in the Cloud

    Dropbox is a file hosting service in the cloud, this service is operated by the Dropbox company. The service allows users to store and synchronize files online, in addition to sharing files and folders with others. There are free versions of the service and also payment, with different plans. This service is available for Android, Blackberry and IOS (Apple) mobile operating systems.

    With this service you can count on your information at all times and you can work on your thesis from anywhere and on any device or computer, which allows you to be much more versatile.

    APA dating generator

    All thesis preparation needs the generation of citations in diverse formats, when finding information for our thesis we must mention it in the corresponding way to recognize the author and not to infringe the international copyright policies. To do this today we share two sites that will help you in this task and with which you can automatically generate appointments to add to your thesis or research. The sites are the following: