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How to apply a SWOT Analysis in Architecture?

Do not you know what a SWOT Analysis is ​​or did you ever hear about it? Here we explain what it is and how to apply it in Architecture Projects.


    The SWOT Analysis will help you develop viable architectural projects and can also be applied to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an Architecture Office.

    swot analysis

    Good morning friends, today in this post we will talk about a topic of great interest to any student or professional as what we will see today will help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of any project or company, we speak to them no less than the SWOT analysis.

    The abbreviations SWOT come from the words: Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats. This matrix is ​​used mainly in Business Administration to know if a certain company or product will have acceptance in the commercial market. This analysis helps us to design a strategy that allows us to reach the objectives that we set for ourselves in a project, in this we consider all the social, economic and even political factors that can influence the project or a company, we will start talking about the strenghts.


    The strengths in a project are those that are determined by the advantages of the project itself over the competition or the services it will offer, while in a company the strengths can be determined by the special capabilities of organization that the company has. company regarding its competence such as: Customer service, quality of services or products offered, investment in technology, etc.


    Within a project the opportunities are those factors that will allow us to have an advantage in the medium and long term over the competition, in this case it can be a future expansion or repetition of the project in other sites. In a company, opportunities may be the possibility of opening the way in other markets, for example, or the possibility of exporting their products.


    In a project the weaknesses are determined by the disadvantages that the project can represent in itself with respect to the competition or other similar projects, the disadvantages could be for example a low index of surplus value of the area where the project will be located or a high cost of the work. In a company, weaknesses may be financial factors (less investment capacity than competition) or lack of staff training, for example.


    In the case of a project, threats can be associated with demographic or urban factors that can be detrimental to the project in the medium or long term. In the business world, threats can be determined by a saturation of competition in the market to which we focus, as well as as a much cheaper offer by the competition. More than anything the SWOT analysis is a self-criticism and an introspection of what could happen with our project or company, to facilitate the identification of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, a series of questions can be asked such as:

    • What is the main objective of my project or company?
    • What disadvantages do I have regarding the competition?
    • What is my main strength with respect to others and how can I exploit it to the fullest?
    • What external factors can affect my project or my company and what steps can I take to address these factors effectively?

    How to apply a SWOT Analysis in Architecture?

    The SWOT analysis can be used in architecture mainly in two areas: the first, in the development of architectural projects and the second in the entrepreneurship of offices or offices of architecture. Regarding the development of projects, the SWOT matrix can help to know its viability as well as its strengths and weaknesses, this is used above all in large-scale projects or urban developments and interventions of great magnitude.

    The SWOT analysis applied to the office or architecture firm is valuable because it focuses on the factors that will potentially have the greatest impact in the office and will help you make the best possible decisions. This will help you to be more competitive in the sector you focus on.

    As friends can see, conducting a study of our project or company with the SWOT analysis will help us determine if what we are undertaking is viable and if it can be profitable in the medium or short term, the most prestigious architects’ offices carry out this type of studies to determine the viability and if the work in question will help them grow as a company or brand.

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