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How to use ECO-TECHNOLOGIES in an Architectural Project?

Do you know what eco-technologies are? If you do not know then this is for you.


    Eco-techniques help considerably to make the resources consumed by the house more efficient, discover here how you can achieve it.


    Today in Arquinétpolis we will talk about a topic of great importance to everyone in the world of architecture and construction, this brings us multiple benefits within an architectural project, because, with this we can contribute to have a better world and also the client will have economic benefits in the future. Well, without further ado, today’s topic is eco-technics.

    Well, we started the issue with the first question: what are eco-technologies? Well, eco-technologies are a series of technologies developed to generate goods or services that meet human needs while minimizing environmental damage. In addition, these technologies are developed to efficiently take advantage of natural and material resources so that we can guarantee a sustainable use of them.

    Over the years the human being has become the main predator of the earth and we are currently living the ravages of all the destruction we have caused, phenomena such as global warming call us to stop our consumerist habits and we focus on everything sustainable. After knowing the definition, let’s now turn to the role that eco-tech plays in a house.

    How do eco-technologies work in a house?

    The function of eco-technology in a home is to satisfy our water, electric energy and fuel requirements necessary to carry out all our activities. However, these technologies have advanced so much that they go beyond simply meeting human needs, now we can also find homes built with 100% ecological and sustainable materials.

    Currently we can find lots of eco-technologies (even suppliers) to install these ecological systems in our homes, the cost of some of these systems is still relatively high, however this initial cost will be amortized over time due to the amount of money that will be saved and will be reflected in the bills, mainly water and electricity.

    Among the main ecological systems that exist we can find: Solar cells, biodigesters, pluvial water collection systems, wind turbines (wind energy), solar stoves, compost, green roofs, solar heaters, etc.

    It is impossible to speak and describe the functioning of all ecotechnologies in a single article, so we decided to present each of these ecological systems individually to be able to explain them better. Thus, an architectural project developed with this type of ecotechnics, will be harmonious with its surroundings, will have a greater thermal and hydric comfort inside it, in addition, it will contribute to energy saving, it will be more energy efficient and acoustically comfortable.

    Advantages of ecotechnics in an Architectural Project

    We can summarize the main advantages of implementing eco-design in an architectural project in the following points:

    • They diminish the negative impact of human activity on the environment.
    • They use natural resources more efficiently
    • Improve the health of people.
    • Better waste management
    • They save water, electricity and in some cases even gas.
    • Ecotechnics in Urban Planning

    Currently, ecological systems can be found in urban planning, mainly in public spaces and in urbanizations. The parks, piers, walkways, pavilions and viewpoints of many cities of the world are illuminated by solar or wind energy, some urbanizations in the World have taken as a design policy the inclusion of eco-technologies for both housing and common spaces.

    Well friends, as you can see the eco-techniques are very important in the works and architectural projects, it is important that as architects we make aware of this among our customers to make the resources of our environment more efficient. We remind you as always that you can follow the blog through social networks and leave us a comment with all your questions or suggestions. To find more content visit and recommend