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7 Tips you should know if you want to be an Architect

Do you want to study Architecture? This post is for you!


    The Architecture career, like any other, has its particularities, here we give you 7 useful tips that will help you on your way to becoming an Architect.


    This time we bring you a super interesting post, especially if you are a young person who wants to study Architecture, the Architecture career is one of the most demanded in the whole world, however, few young people really do not know what they are facing until They are in the race or have a completely different concept of what it means to be an Architecture student.

    This article aims to guide you a little and help you understand a little about the sacrifices that come with being a student of the Architecture career.

    The arquipost of today is quite useful and important especially for those young people who want to be Architects, the Architecture career (like all others) entails a series of efforts and sacrifices that every student must make, in this article we intend to present you a small guide with These 7 tips that you should know if you want to study Architecture.

    1. Prepare to wake up. Working at night for an architect is the daily bread, if you are a student who is not used to working at night then prepare to do it, sometimes the works of the architecture career are so extensive that they demand hours of the night to finishing or preparing them, plans, projects and models demand a lot of time.
    2. Draw, draw and draw. One of the main characteristics of the Architect is its facility for drawing, you do not need to be a professional artist, but at least you must have the ability to transmit ideas or concepts through drawings, the freehand drawing is the Architect’s main weapon. Try to draw something every day, an object, a landscape or reproduce a building of some famous architect, any pretext to draw will always be good.
    3. Organize and plan. A fundamental part in the student’s life of Architecture is the planning and organization of their work and study times, if you are disorganized then you will be absorbed by all your tasks and jobs and it will be more difficult for you to find a small space in your day to rest . Always remember that an organized student is a student who performs more.
    4. Work in team. Working as a team is another feature of the Architect, sometimes you will have to carry out projects of great magnitude or teamwork, that is why you should be totally open to collaboration with other colleagues who may have different criteria to yours.
    5. Be open to criticism and develop your own style. Criticism is another element present in the life of a student of Architecture, you must be critical and you must also be open and receptive to receiving criticism from professors and other colleagues, take constructive criticism so as not to repeat the same mistakes in future projects. Another important point is to develop your own style that allows you to be different from others, it is true that there are rules already given and proven throughout the history of design, however try to break through and develop a design style with which you feel comfortable and help you solve the problems that are posed to you.
    6. Do not get obsessed with good notes. In the Architecture career it is very difficult to end up getting good grades throughout the race, sometimes a note that you consider medium or low may turn out to be the best of all and the one that gives you the most satisfaction, do not obsess about the grades and try to go accumulating greater knowledge and criteria regarding Architecture.
    7. Travel as much as you can. Traveling is another important point in the life of a student of Architecture and an Architect, it is true that in the classroom you can learn as well, but there is nothing better than traveling and knowing in person the great structures or the great architectural works of the History, as far as possible, always try to make a trip that allows you to expand your knowledge about Architecture.

    Well, friends, we hope these tips are of your use and that you can really put them into practice in your day to day. Finally and as advice number 8 we want to ask you to subscribe to our Facebook fan page by clicking HERE. For more content like this remember to visit and recommend