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Do you spend many hours designing or working like all the Architects and do not know what music to listen to? Here we tell you the musical ranking with which you can be more productive in your work. Discover here the best music for Architects.

Several studies say that listening to music for pleasure is simple, but behind that there is a complex process of brain work, so today we present a great musical ranking for you to build your playlists.

Music for Architects

This time we will talk about a very interesting topic that has been the subject of study on many occasions and is: Music and its impact on labor productivity.

If you work in front of a computer for many hours (as is the case of architects, engineers and designers), it is very likely that at some point in the day you wear headphones to listen to your favorite playlists or artists.

There is a great dilemma since many consider that music can be a distractor, but is it positive to listen to music at work? And if so, is there any kind of music that can increase our productivity? Because incredibly even if they do not believe it, the answer is: YES.


    Best Music for Architects

    Music has been scientifically proven to stimulate our brain, but depending on the type of musical genre we listen to we will stimulate different areas of our brain, and as we all know, certain areas or areas of the brain are responsible for developing or stimulating certain functions, such as creativity for example.

    The point is to find the ideal music that stimulates the part of the brain that is in line with your task or activity so that you can be more productive.

    Definitely in the case of an Architect we must focus on intellectual and creative work, it has precisely been proven that the musical genre that can make you more productive and that is more in line with the type of work that an Architect performs is instrumental music.

    In case you need to increase your work speed it is best to listen to music with a fast pace. This can be applied in the development and drawing of drawings. If you need to cheer yourself a little or encourage you then the songs with repetitive patterns are For you.

    Since these same scientific studies have shown that these types of songs cause the brain to produce the substance called «dopamine» which is responsible for transmitting feelings of pleasure.

    Best Music

    However there are some recommendations when listening to music to work. For example, songs without lyrics are more recommended because music with unconsciously trigger some functions of the brain.

    The way the music reaches us can also affect our performance at work. Listening to music at a very high volume can affect our ability to concentrate. Look for a balance point that allows you to enjoy music and at the same time work without distract you.

    There is the case of people who prefer to listen to the radio. Especially if they are going to be unveiled. This can apply perfectly to the world of Architecture since. As we all know, the Architect is a professional who usually works a lot at night.

    Radio stations usually program miscellaneous music in the early hours so if you do not have some favorite genre you can listen to the radio while you work on your project.

    Music for Architects

    In the case of creative activities (such as design for example). It is best to listen to the following musical genres: Jazz, ambient and instrumental music, as these musical styles help increase concentration and improve the ability to focus.

    The people, this will increase your attention capacity and you will be more concentrated time. Being with it much more productive.

    If you work in the construction sector (more specifically in civil engineering), engineering or mechanics you can listen to classic rock, hard rock or other metal derivations. The music of these styles will keep you motivated and with the necessary force to finish the day.

    However you have to be careful enough with the volume above all if you work with very noisy tools.

    If you work attending the public or attending a trade, shop etc. You can listen to all kinds of rock (classic, indie, etc.) country, electronic, pop, jazz, reggae, etc. This depends on the type of audience and the turn of your business.

    Music for activities

    By way of summary we can classify the musical genres and their different activities in the following way:

    Creative activities: Instrumental, classical, jazz.
    Production activities: Music or songs with repetitive patterns.
    Work activities: Any style of rock.
    Customer service activities: Electronics, pop, jazz, reggae.

    One mistake that we frequently make is to put together playlists or song lists with our favorite bands and songs that we like. Most of the time this becomes more of a distracting element than something that favors production.

    It is better that you build a list with music that suits the activity you are going to perform will it work? That depends on each person and it is better to try and experience it.

    Well friends, as you can see music is an important element when you are going to spend long working days. Choosing the right genre can help us improve our productivity and concentration. Which is why we consider this article important for all of you.

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