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JOB POSTINGS for Architects

The architecture, the design and the construction offer a wide range of possibilities of work for the architects, discover here 10 job postings and works that you can exert being architect.

You can choose between developing multiple jobs and careers that are currently in high demand, here we present the 10 job postings that we consider are the ones that may interest you.

Job Postings for Architects
JOB POSTINGS for Architects.

    Job Postings for Architects

    Today in Arquinépolis we will talk about a very interesting topic. As we all know today there is a shortage of employment in many countries of the world. So many professionals even have to stop exercising what they studied and engage in another occupation. However the architect’s knowledge makes him a very versatile professional.

    Usually the conventional work of the architect is limited to design and construction. But over the years the architect has gradually been specializing and has exploited more niches than his profession allows.

    In this list we list all those careers Or works that you can play as an architect. Not counting the one related to the drawing of plans and the construction since that we take for granted.

    1- Urbanist

    The cities of the 21st century expand faster and faster and population growth accelerates at a vertiginous pace. Which has caused urban planners and urban planners to become more and more necessary.

    The relationship between man and the urban environment has been studied by architects for decades. Which is why this acquired knowledge allows the architect to perform in this niche.

    2- Furniture Designer

    Industrial design is another facet that as an architect you can exploit. Knowledge about design, ergonomics and anthropometry allow the architect also to become an industrial designer. Knowledge about the relationship of furniture with spaces also helps to ensure that this branch of design can be well channeled and exploited.

    3- 3D printing

    3D printing in the last years has been developing and its implementation goes beyond the architectural scope. The architect is related to the scales and the software systems that allow to handle these novel printers. The Architect can coordinate projects that require 3D printing or even design furniture or objects that can later be printed under this system.

    4- Teacher

    The teaching is another of the sectors where the Architect can specialize. There are masters and doctorates related to the teaching of Architecture. Certainly the Architect should have taste and interest in teaching.

    There are multiple university centers and specialized studies where the Architect can Offer his services as a teacher in careers as is certainly architecture. But can also teach professorships in careers such as civil engineering and graphic design.

    5- Researcher

    Research is another sector where you can specialize. However those who dedicate themselves to it are supported or awarded by some educational institution. Architects usually intervene in research on new materials or new construction systems.

    6- Real estate advisor

    The Architect can also venture into the real estate sector by buying or selling real estate or by taking advantage of his knowledge of Architecture and Urbanism to recommend to potential clients all the virtues and benefits of the properties in question.

    7- Rendering

    Thanks to the technology has opened another niche of employment for all architects and is the rendering. As we all know is increasingly used the render and virtual tours as technique of representation of projects.

    There are many architects who have decided to specialize studying Some kind of software that allows them to produce high quality renders and thus work for either a company or freelance producing renders.

    8- Restorer

    Within the field of architecture and construction is also the sector of historical buildings or that some cultural institution calls as cultural heritage. Within this sector the knowledge of the Architect are applied towards the care and historical knowledge that has on the structures and The building materials.

    9- Audiovisual systems and video games

    Every day new interactive platforms are developed that make our life easier. The architect’s knowledge is required in the field of 3D animation as a stage designer and connoisseur of the relationship between man and space. Also his knowledge on materials and lighting are essential in the audiovisual field.

    10- Expert in home automation

    Intelligent or controlled houses through computer systems are increasingly booming. So the architect can specialize in this area and put all their knowledge of design to the service of home automation. Undoubtedly this is one of the areas that has more future due to the growth and demand of smart homes.

    As you can see, the field of action of the architect is quite broad and with a promising future. We hope that this list of 10 races and works that you can develop has been to your liking and that you could identify with some how to specialize. Remember that to find more content like this you have to visit and recommend