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Do you need to expose your architectural project? Here we tell you how to do it!

An architectural project in addition to being well designed must be well explained. Here we give you useful tips to masterfully expose your project.


This time we present a topic that will surely give a lot to talk about, and maybe it has happened to them (especially in the school environment) that in some project delivery they consider that their project is better than someone else’s and in the end the latter obtained a better rating.


    Tips to expose an Architecture Project

    Most of the time the key is in the exhibition of the project. You can have an excellent project but if you are not able to explain it or expose it properly then you are already at a disadvantage. Many times it is not considered better the one that knows more or the one that works with more quality. But the one that knows how to «sell» better. In this case the Architects and Designers sell ideas, knowledge, concepts and even philosophies. In that is what we must focus basically.

    «Exposing an architecture project correctly is basic for every architect. Since the visual and architectural language must be complemented by a good verbal language to convey ideas and concepts to the client».

    The way to explain or «sell» the project often depends on the personality of the client and how open it is to our recommendations or our concept. Sometimes customers have defined what they want and it is difficult to explain something different what they are looking for.

    Presentation of Architecture Project

    That is why here we present a series of tips that will surely help you a lot to present or expose this important project for you.

    • Build confidence The basis of success in sales is to generate confidence in the client. At all times try to leave present the idea that your project is the one that offers the best guarantees of success or the one that best meets the conditions suggested by the client.
    • Presentation. This point is fundamental. You can have an excellent design and project, but if the presentation of your plans or model is of low quality then that will be to the detriment of your own project. In this case the saying: «The first impression is what counts » it is a law.
    • Do not touch your weak points. Every project has a weak point, it is better that you do not talk about them but just be prepared in case they come to question you about them so you have a quick response and do not go blank.
    • Openness to criticism and change. Defend your position but do not try to stretch the rope too much, adopt a flexible position and open to change, that will generate a greater confidence of the client towards you.

    Plan your Exposure

    • Explain the «why» of things. You must have very clear the reasons that have led us to the solution we have taken. Why these colors are chosen, why this scheme has been taken, why spaces have been divided in such a way, etc. Try that nothing is left on the air and that the client (or the teacher) is left with as few questions as possible.
    • Plan your exposure. If you are a person who finds it difficult to speak in public. You can plan your presentation and write in small cards the important points or what you want to highlight about your project. If you have time rehearse your speech a bit so that you know well what what are you going to talk about and the approximate time that you will take in your presentation.
    • Complement your information In the event that you are going to submit data. Research the source and use it to make it clear that the information you provide is true and real. Use digital media to complement your presentation. Such as slide presentations or a visual element that allows you to digest your information. information more easily.

    Well, friends, as you can see the presentation and exhibition of an architectural project requires dedicating your own time. We hope these tips are of your liking and usefulness. Remember that for more content like this visit and recommends