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Did you get some renders and do not know how to charge them? Here we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of charging a render at a fixed price and per hour.


    As we all know, rendering is part of the work an architect can do, but many feel somewhat lost in the most financial or administrative aspects of their work, such as the question of how to charge a render and what kind of budget suits you.


    Today we will talk about a dilemma that afflicts many design professionals and is: How to charge a render? Fixed price or per hour? This is the big question before charging or quoting a render. The budget of the projects offered by a freelance Architect to its clients is basically presented under two options: Price per hour and fixed price. However, each of these alternatives has its pros and cons and is what we will analyze in this article.

    This issue we have asked for a lot because, incredible as it may seem, in the study centers very rarely the situation or the collection of renders is addressed, ironically they teach us to charge or elaborate the budget of a whole house but they never tell us how to charge a render. That is why this article is developed as a guide so that at least you have the notions and know the ways that exist to quote and charge a render, in the end the decision will be yours.

    Price per hour (advantages and disadvantages)

    The price per hour is recommended for all freelance architects, since the budget that is sent to the client usually includes a breakdown of the estimated hours of work and offers an estimated final price as a result of multiplying the estimated hours by the hour’s price. job. This way of charging is usually used by many students who have few hours of work or architects with many years of experience who can easily more or less calculate how long they will prepare a render.

    With the hourly price you are building the price from the cost and self-assessment of your time and work, the price per hour includes a number of factors among which are the production costs (which you must previously analyze) as well as taking Consider the prices of the competition.

    Another disadvantage that has the price per hour is that you are setting a limit to our income, any worker of a company has a limit of hours per day to work and with the hourly rate these are only taking an average and limiting the aspirations to grow and have better income, also the hourly price does not consider the complexity of the projects and is limited only to the hours that it will take to do the work.

    Fixed price (advantages and disadvantages)

    As far as the fixed price is concerned, most of the architects find a greater advantage in it and that is that the way of work is more oriented and aligned with the clients. Working with fixed prices per project focuses the discourse with the clients on the value provided, scope, requirements, difficulty and most importantly: THE QUALITY OF WORK.

    All these are the aspects on which we must talk, work and negotiate with the client, it is not the same to work on a render of a house, that of an apartment building or a commercial establishment, the disadvantages in the case of cost Fixed prices come when there are setbacks or corrections that have to be made.

    In the cost per hour these corrections can also enter the cost, since they will be more hours of work and therefore can generate more income, it can be said that with this method you do not fix a price according to the value you receive or receive the client and this can also have a negative effect on the perception of the same on prices since you can not give a fixed rate.

    The purpose of this article is to make clear these two ways of charging or quoting a render, in no way mean that some form of charging is wrong, we only expose the two cases and their advantages and disadvantages.

    Regardless of the type of quotation or charge you have to make, try to calculate more or less in any of the two forms of payment and evaluate which one allows you to have a greater amount of income and greater freedom to work, at least for that works for you as a reference.

    After the magnitude of the project and its complexity will determine a higher or lower price, there is also the case of architects offering «packages» that include a certain number of renders for a price, and in some cases also include the project, without However, we return to the same point of quality and complexity, in which case these factors are not taken into account either.

    As you can see friends there are important advantages and disadvantages in the way of charging either fixed price or hour, the important thing here is to sell your ideas and your creativity not your time or your life. Well friends, so far this article hoping that it has been to your liking, I invite you as always to join the blog community on social networks, for more content like this visit and recommend