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How to start a HOME OFFICE as an Architect?

Are you an independent Architect and are you looking to start your own office at home? Here we help you and we give you ideas to achieve it.

The home office has become the main alternative for recent graduates or independent professionals seeking to get involved in the world of work, discover here useful ideas for setting up your own home office.

home office

Today we will talk about a very interesting topic and that surely many will take into account especially if they are students or independent professionals and is: The design of a home office. Most of the homes of professionals or recent graduates today have a space enabled as a small office, either just to organize your bills and payments or to manage a business.

At present it is very difficult to have enough resources to rent a commercial space and put a business, office or office, especially if you are undertaking and do not have enough economic capital to start, that is why the need to work from home and entrepreneurship has become important in recent years.

Micro and small businesses are more willing to let their employees work from home every day given the high cost of maintaining offices today especially in large cities. Besides, working from home generates benefits for the employee and reduces the stress loads experienced by conventional offices.

We live in a World where we are permanently connected by various means with many people. Smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops allow us to work from home, there are data that show that working from home is more profitable for companies and for employees because they save public transport rates or gasoline costs that involve transfers from home to work every day. In this post I will give you some tips and advice so that your home office is a comfortable and pleasant space but most importantly, that is productive.


Most of the time when we are working from home we use spaces such as the living room or the kitchen that are not designed for that purpose and we find many distractors that make it difficult to maintain the concentration we need to be able to carry out our work. that ideally in a space that we are going to allocate for our office at home minimize distractions, it is important to provide our space with plenty of light for and if possible also natural ventilation.

A nice clock on the wall usually gives the space a sense of security and professionalism as well as a good desk lamp that will give us a warm climate and help us at night to have a better light that allows us to better perform our work. It is very important to also place a plank on the wall where we can stick with tacks either bills, or notes with the work we must do during the day or even many people use it to paste pictures with family or positive messages that give us that push Extra motivation we need during the day.


Having an office at home and adapting a space that was not necessarily intended for it does not have to generate discomfort, an office governed by the principles of feng shui or minimalism are absolutely recommended and will create an environment where we can play very efficiently Our activities.

The desk or work table and chair where we work have a fundamental role so we must try to find furniture where we can feel good and we can spend hours working without discomfort, the angles and heights of the furniture are very important since we must maintain a position comfortable and that we are not tired soon.

We must measure well the distance between the computer and our head, the advisable is a minimum distance of 60 centimeters and make sure to leave a comfortable space of circulation since it is advisable to stretch and clear 5 minutes for each hour of work on the computer. Sit facing the entrance of light and place shelves or small shelves near your desk or desk so that you have everything at your fingertips.


It is important to have space for the stationery file, as we all know a business generates a lot of paperwork (receipts, invoices, copies, bank deposits, etc) and it is always important to have this part well ordered to avoid misplacements of important documentation that at some point may be required.

Try not to choose the corners to place your file as you run the risk of it being a dirty area and filled with dust soon, there are very interesting archivists that break with the stereotype of design that we all know, choose one that is easy to handle and also easy to clean.

It is proven that the costs of a home office or office can be reduced by up to 50%, definitely working at home lowers the levels of work stress to which most people are submitted to large corporations, with this performance rises and is a form of «win-win» for companies and workers.

The design parameters are the same for a conventional office since what we are looking for is to be efficient and productive but from our house, the design should be coupled to the area you intended for your office and we are sure that if you follow these tips we gave you a Office that will give you very good results.

As you can see there are many factors that influence the design and comfort of a good home office space no matter how small. We must take care of even the smallest detail because in that space we will spend many hours of the day and we must make that space comfortable and comforting for us to perform our tasks and that is not a nightmarish place that overwhelms us all the time. As always, I invite you to join the Facebook page fan page so that our community can continue to grow and reach more people with the content. For more content like this enter and recommend