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Do not know what topic to choose for your Architectural Thesis? Discover here the types of theses you can develop in Architecture and useful tips to choose your theme.


    An Architectural thesis captures all the knowledge acquired, so it is important that you know how to choose the theme well for your project.

    architectural thesis

    Today’s article will be aimed at students of Architecture, and why not? to college students in general as well. One of the biggest concerns of any student of Architecture next to graduate is its degree, in practically all the Universities of the world there is the degree modality by Thesis.

    Definitely this is the best way to get a degree in the Architecture career since you really put into practice in a project the vast majority of the knowledge acquired throughout the career. However, the main question that is asked (or have been asked) is what thesis project should I present? First of all we have to start from a theme that is completely original and that is not repeated.

    Types of thesis in Architecture

    Before thinking about the topic of thesis we must think about what type of architectural thesis we want to elaborate and oriented to which branch of architecture, fortunately Architecture offers us multiple niches within which we can develop a theme, there are project theses (which they are the most common) and this is where a problem usually arises related to the lack of a space or service in a certain place, such as a school or an equipment for a city, town or a sector of a large city. Under this scheme the problem is proposed and the solution is to develop an executive project that satisfies and solves that problem.

    Another type of architectural thesis that we can develop is the theoretical thesis, in this type of thesis we can develop a hypothesis on any historical or theoretical topic that we want, usually in this type of thesis an architectural project is not presented in itself, although develops the research protocol as much as it is where our thesis is based.

    There are even elaborate theses on restoration of monuments or historical sites although they are the least. Within the project thesis there is another modality that we can exploit and it is the urban theses, in this modality we must elaborate an urban intervention project presenting its respective executive project and in some cases even budget (depending on the scope of it).

    Choice of theme

    As I told you before choosing the theme, we must choose which branch of Architecture or what type of the thesis that I just explained to you will choose to present. Once you have done it now, if you can focus directly on the subject, I recommend that you first look around your city or your region and analyze what architectural or urban needs or problems exist.

    In the case of the theoretical thesis there should be well chosen theme and above all have a prior and comprehensive knowledge of it, often often take unpleasant surprises at the time of developing the issue and are discouraged because they no longer liked and end for developing a low quality thesis. I recommend that you look for a topic that you are very passionate about since preparing a thesis requires months of work and if you do not like it very much, you may end up deserting the subject.

    As they already have their thesis topic defined and approved by their study center, if they can already begin to elaborate it, personally I recommend that they develop a calendar of activities for their thesis and define times to reach objectives and thus not lose the thesis process.

    Another thing that I strongly recommend is not to lose the rhythm or stop doing it for another type of activity, usually when a student leaves his thesis halfway and lets time pass it is very difficult to return it to resume. So when they start focus their energies well on it and do not stop until they get it finished, remember that the Architecture career is a career of many sacrifices and more when it comes to developing a thesis.