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5 Errors that make you lose Customers as an Architect

Would you like to know what you should NOT do as an architect or designer with your customers? Here we tell you!


    Committing one of these mistakes with a client will irremediably make you lose it, as an architect it is important that you learn to conserve your customers.


    Today in Arquinétpolis we bring you a very interesting topic, and here we have generally given tips and advice to increase your clientele, however this time we will tell you those errors or factors that can lead you to lose a client.

    As we all know a customer is important, and more if you are a freelance architect or designer, in other articles we have explained how a client can help you and be an ambassador of your name as an architect or your architecture office. A client has the ability to recommend you among his acquaintances and therefore improve the scope of your work and your work reputation.But without further ado we are going to talk about those mistakes that we can make on a daily basis with our clients and that can lead us to lose their trust.

    Errors that make you lose Customers as an Architect


    Miscommunication with the client or ignoring it is the worst thing you can do. In a world full of technology like the current one, it is practically impossible to lose communication with people given the diversity of means that currently exist. The phone, email, social networks, whatsapp, all these are means by which you can maintain communication with your client.
    If you fail in this aspect the client will feel ignored or that you do not dedicate enough time and sooner or later will end up leaving. A client feels valued when he knows that he has a direct channel of communication with you that allows him to solve his doubts.

    Difficulty in reaching agreements

    An architect must know and learn to negotiate with clients, a position of confrontation or defensive will make the client end up distrusting or sow an atmosphere of rivalry. Always try to be open to any type of negotiation and adopt a more collaborative attitude with the client and make him see that you are there to help him with his project or work.

    Lack of profesionalism

    Being late for an appointment with a client or being unpunctual with delivery dates denotes a lack of professionalism that will make your client trust you less. Honesty should always be ahead in dealing with the client, no one likes to feel cheated or have the feeling that they are lying, never make this mistake with your customers because it is one of the easiest ways to lose them.

    Work quality

    The client always expects quality work to be done, in a timely manner. Skipping the safety rules or not properly supervising the construction processes within the work, can lead to poor performance of work and therefore, a low quality work.
    The client should always have the feeling that you have everything under control and that you are supervising the work correctly and elaborating it with high quality standards.

    The client sends

    A cliché within the workplace is one that says that «the customer is always right», sometimes it is not always so, but the customer is the one who pays and therefore is the one who commands. We as architects are called to guide the client in questions of design and construction. However, sometimes the client is clear about what he wants and looks for a construction professional to carry out that concept he has in mind, in the end the client is the one who decides and as professionals we must execute the work with quality.

    As you can see, there are many important factors that can determine that a customer is satisfied with our work or can even take the option to find another alternative for your project or work. Remember that for more content like this you have to visit and recommend