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Do you need to develop an Architectural Program and do not know where to start? Here we tell you!


    The architectural program is the guide that every Architect must carry out before preparing a blueprint or architectural project, in which are the spatial guidelines and conditions of the project itself.

    architectural program

    Today we will start talking about a very interesting topic and it is: The architectural program. This program is the guide and basis of every Architect or person who wants to design or carry out a project. The architectural program is basically a study and a compendium of spatial needs, linkage and hierarchization of spaces and elements, in a few words the architectural project is in concept the project itself.

    But, and where do we get this information? Mainly from two sources, one is the interview and knowledge of the client and the second one is, of course, our design knowledge. Before starting to develop an architectural program we need to interview the client and know their spatial needs and what they intend to achieve with the project.

    Architectural Program

    The architectural program forces us to think about each of the client’s needs and makes us put ourselves in the place of the people who will occupy or inhabit the project, forcing us to ask ourselves many things from the point of view of the user as well as the functions that it will do in each one of the spaces that we will design.

    After the interview with the client we must have very clear the spatial needs (and to some extent the sizing of the spaces) that the client requires. From there, everything is our work, since we must start working with the following points:

    • Study of the regulations and current regulations in architectural and urban issues (land use, C.O.S, C.U.S, minimum and maximum sizing, restrictions, etc.)
    • Sizing of spaces taking into account the furniture necessary to carry out the functions of each space.
    • Uses, functions and qualities of spaces
    • Accesses and circulations
    • Equipment required

    The Architectural program is an important part of the design process and is the first contact that an Architect has directly with the project itself, as a conclusion at the end of the architectural program we must have the final square meters that the project will take us.

    Of course this dimensioning must adapt and comply with all regulations in force at the site where the project or the work will be carried out, in this program the spatial and infrastructural needs must be pointed out, but in no case will concrete solutions be aimed at solving the needs proposals. Here we present a scheme with which they can carry out their architectural program.

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