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BUSINESS CARDS for Architects, Engineers and Designers

The business cards is a very powerful tool with which you can get work, if you are a freelance or independent professional then this article is for you.


    Here we will give you useful tips to get business cards that will attract the attention of all people and with which you can make your business much more efficient.

    business cards

    Today we will talk about a very interesting topic that will be of your liking if they have an office of their own, it is true that social networks have come to occupy a very important place in the search for employment in the World, however, the The «traditional» way of making yourself known through business cards is still valid.

    A business card is important, because with it we can make a good impression, show who we are, what we do and why we are important «, also a business card is the perfect pretext to start a conversation with a potential client . The business cards can create connections and personal links that can generate in the short or medium sales or associations, that is why we should optimize this tool to the maximum. Without further ado we will start with the 5 tips that this time we will present to optimize your business cards.

    1- Social Networks

    This point is basic, we must also establish a connection with our virtual world and one of the ways to communicate is social networks, an error that is often committed is the belief that having many social networks in your company or office will make you have more presence, nothing further from reality than that. It is better to have one or two accounts of social networks but that really are efficient, to have many but without giving them due attention. In the design of a business card usually social networks occupy or the reverse of it or a corner, I recommend that they give greater prominence to it and include them in their contact data.

    2- Visual interaction

    Corporate and business cards that only have a logo are usually visually quite monotonous visually and what we intend is to associate our business card with an image, that the client to see that image we bear in mind. That is why a business card has enough power to make people remember us with an image, try to use elements that invite curiosity and flashy colors to identify and distinguish your brand from the rest.

    3- Include your best works

    The backs of the business cards are a good tool to present some of your work as they are rarely used, it is a totally wasted space that you can take for example placing renders are perfect to include them in the back. Of course the price of the card will increase but also your cards will be of higher quality and your client will be able to see in a better way the quality of the work you do.

    4- Call to action

    Something that gives enough results is to prepare special cards and customize them to distribute them in events such as congresses or courses that are aimed especially at your target audience or with people related to your niche market. You can deliver cards at an exhibition or at a university and these in turn contain a special offer either in the cost of developing the project to give an example, or you can direct them to your website making offers and discounts for your work or products. This is a way of doing mini-advertising campaigns, that being directed to your audience or your specialized clientele can give you excellent results.

    5- Multi-function

    A business card with multiple functions is another attractive element for your client to carry your card, an example of this is the cards that carry a calendar on the back, even some cards that contain small sheets have been seen. Mode of small notebook or notepad. In short, creativity at this point should do their job and everyone can customize the card to your liking.

    6- Dissemination

    It is useless to take into account all these tips if at the end of the day we are not going to hand out our cards, any reason is good to hand out your business card, do it with your friends, family or just get to know among the people in your community. If you offer people a creative, smart business card and have a function that goes beyond a simple information card then you will have part of the guaranteed success.

    Well, friends, as you can see the business cards are a very important tool when starting a business or to get a job as a freelance or independent professional, definitely a good business card and good social network profiles are the key to make you of a place in this world that is so competitive in the workplace.

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