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How to maintain a WOOD DECK?

Do you have a wood deck and do not know how to maintain it? Then this is for you!


    The wood deck is a very present element in homes and residences, here we give you useful tips and advice to maintain it.

    wood deck

    Today in Arquinétpolis we bring you a very interesting topic, we will talk about maintenance of wood decks. The wood deck as we all know is a very used element and implemented in residences in terraces or outdoor areas, however being of wood needs special care and maintenance that we will present here.

    The wooden deck is an element that is basically built in the same way as a simple wooden framework, allowing the interiors to be extended to the exterior and integrate the projects with nature. Depending on the characteristics of the deck, it can provide exterior spaces where design elements can be integrated such as: Pergolas, lattices, benches or planters.

    During the summer, wooden floors are very exposed to adverse climatic factors such as rain and sun, so you must be careful and perform the proper maintenance for your deck. Before the rainy season, try to provide preventive maintenance to keep your deck in good condition.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Furniture. Furniture is an important part of outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens, for this it is important that the furniture does not mistreat the wooden deck, you can place plugs in the legs of the furniture to prevent scratches or wear.

    Dry the surface. It is always important to dry the deck if it has excess water, if you let the water settle and the sun warms the surface, it is likely that in the long run, stains will be generated giving a worn look to the wood.


    It is always important to keep the surface of a wooden deck clean, there are various protective substances or liquids for wood that are special for this purpose and do not mistreat the material, you can also use fibers or soft bristle brushes to clean certain areas, especially if they have been stained.

    Application of products

    As a recommendation it is important to take into account factors such as humidity before applying any product to your deck, check that the humidity in the environment does not exceed 70% or that the area where you live is not expected rain or snow. The temperature is another important climatic factor when applying products for the maintenance of the wood, in general most of the products are applied in environments that are between the range of 10 and 35 degrees centigrade and never receiving directly the sun’s rays.

    In case of damage there are also repair waxes on the market that will allow you to repair specific areas of your deck in case of having suffered any damage.

    Well, friends, we hope that these tips and tips will be useful when maintaining a wooden deck, always remember to give maintenance to extend the life of this material. For more content like this visit and recommend: