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Food to WORK AT NIGHT as an Architect

Are you going to wake up doing models, plans or tasks? In this article we will give you food tips so you do not suffer havoc in your body.


    As we all know Architects, Engineers and Designers, on many occasions we have to work at night and, as a rule, we do not feed ourselves properly, discover here useful food tips.


    Today we will talk about a very important issue for our health, as we all know the sleeplessness is «our daily bread» of every Architect, Engineer or designer, however most of the time what we are most interested in is staying awake on the As long as possible without worrying about our food at all, if we have a very demanding job we can observe the consequences of this in the short and medium term with diseases such as gastritis for example.

    Nowadays the night work hours alter the life style of a person, beyond the changes and alterations in the hours of sleep we can also suffer affectations in our health, to achieve a better adaptation to the nocturnal schedule one of the important adjustments it is the one of the feeding.

    Food in a night shift should reduce fats and heavy meals, as well as stimulant foods and beverages (coffee and energy drinks) these drinks are the only thing that causes the body to spend a large amount of time in a short period of time of energy and that in the end we have effects very similar to those of a «hangover».

    If you go to work at night try to make your dinner before starting work is light to avoid causing drowsiness, foods rich in carbohydrates or simple sugars should be avoided.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner after work at night

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it helps us to start our working day, however if you finished working early in the day (between 6 and 9 am) it could be good for breakfast before bed to recover your hours of sleep. Again, breakfast should be light, cereals rich in fiber and toasted bread with butter or jam are a great option, in the case of juices may in some cases not be very convenient especially if you have problems with heartburn or gastritis.

    After having slept your lunch hour may be already in the afternoon, in this case it would have to be your strongest meal. Eating a stronger food you recover energy and in case you are going to reveal again you will have more energy to work those long hours during the night. Feeding variety of cooked meats such as baked chicken, steak, pork or fish. You also need to have vegetables on the side.

    Bread such as rolls or slices of wheat bread can also give you extra energy. This can also be a good time to enjoy a light dessert with your meal. A healthy pre-work dinner can include a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, a salad of raw fresh vegetables or chopped fruit.

    To keep you energized while working during those long nights it is important that you eat a snack, it could be between 3 and 4 in the morning, it is always important to have something in your stomach at that time to avoid heartburn and gastritis which are the number 1 enemies of people who work at night.

    Some examples of foods that you can enjoy are fruit or chopped vegetables, remember that you should not eat too much carbohydrates, as they will cause drowsiness and you will have less productivity in your work.

    Well, friends, as you can see the food during night work hours is essential if we want to stay awake and active during the night, remember that the more concentrated we are, the better results we will have. It is healthier to eat well at night than to be drinking energy drinks or coffee in excess that can bring serious health consequences in the medium and long term.

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