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Guide to Renew the FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE at Low Cost

Would you like to improve the front of your house in an easy way? Here we tell you how to do it with less than 200 dollars!

The house facade is an important element since it is the presentation card of it.

low cost


    Renew the Front of your House

    Today we bring you a topic that you will surely like and is about improving facades, maybe you have ever thought: «I was bored with the image of the house» or «I think the house needs a little cat hand». Well today we will talk about how we can improve the facade of our house with simple things, it is not necessary to demolish and re-make the facade, the vast majority of the time simple and simple touches can completely transform the impression of our house at low cost.

    Remember that the facade of our home is the first impression that people have about our home, whether it is the people who walk every day on the street of our house or our visits, therefore we must keep our facade as well cared for as possible.
    Another reason to improve the façade is if you plan to sell or rent a house, surveys made by companies dedicated to real estate reveal that 40% of people who bought a home in the last year did so because the facade The house was attractive to them, so this is not a minor issue.

    Evaluation of the front

    First of all we must make an evaluation and an analysis of the type of facade we have in our home, we must see if we have our facade at the foot of the sidewalk or if we have a garden at the entrance, the type of roof we have etc. but in general lines the following tips apply to all types of facades so here we go with them:

    • Ceiling. The roof is an important part of our house and our facade and usually in most reforms or remodeling is always forgotten and that is why it is the first point. If you have a roof with tile check that there is no missing and that they are not broken, if you have a broken change it for another and if you have gutters or drains check that they are not blocked and remove any visual element that gets in the ceiling.
    • Doors and gates. If you have a gate or wooden door on the facade of your house, give it maintenance using a layer of varnish, if you have an electric gate, make sure that the rails do not contain objects that hinder its operation and if your door or gate is made of iron or steel is necessary to give a coat of paint, especially if you live in a place where it rains since over time the iron shows signs of corrosion and makes the gaunt and old doors shine.


    • Windows. Shop Check that the glass is not broken and especially pay close attention to the window frames, if you have wooden frames in the windows give them a coat of varnish so they do not mistreat you with the sun or humidity.
      Walking trails. If you have a garden at home and it contains a path to get to the house keep it clean, you can delimit your path with bricks or vegetation to create an environment and a cozy tour.
    • Vegetation in windows. A simple detail that can give a warm and homey atmosphere to your home is the placement of pots in the windows, of course the type of plant should be small so that when growing does not visually obstruct the window completely. You can nail boards or put small iron bars to embed the pots to the wall and they can look.
    • Illumination. It is important to place a point of light on each side of the main door to give a feeling of symmetry, the yellow-light lanterns give a very warm feeling to the home, if you have a path you can place spot lights embedded in the floor that They are ideal to illuminate a path.
    • Details. The beauty is in the details, it is important to take care of the details as for example the door handles or if you have a mailbox for mail in the front of your house, and also super important the numbers of the address of house, place them in a place that is visible.


    • Painting. If you have a little more budget and you decide to paint the façade, use a 2 or 3 color colorimetry, painting with more colors can create confusion and visual saturation that can be in bad taste. The sandy colors are very good if you want your home to have a sober look, a rule of thumb is to never paint the facade with pure primary colors (yellow, red, blue) as they are too flashy and difficult to combine.
      Remember that before starting to make a reform we must analyze and evaluate the conditions and design of our facade to avoid unpleasant sensations of doing it wrong in the middle of the work, good planning is a guarantee of success in any project so that So attentive to that.


    This is the part that most interests us all, since we can put everything very nice but if it comes out very expensive it will be something that we can not do, before we will clarify that these prices are approximate and that to have a greater accuracy and precision of how much it costs to renew the facade of his house it is necessary to approach the stores and / or suppliers companies to know the prices. Well, then we will know approximately the prices of how much we would renovate the facade of a house.

    • Painting. The price per m2 approximately would find between 3 and 4 dollars.
      Exterior lighting (flying buttresses). The price of the flying buttresses currently ranges between 12 and 15 dollars.
    • Frame for door (aluminum). The price of an aluminum frame for a door is between 17 and 20 dollars.
    • Window. Here the price may vary, since we can change the entire window (or not in case of being in good condition) or change only the window frame. A window with an aluminum frame of 90×90 centimeters is approximately 50 dollars.
    • Flowerpots. The cost of a pots of 60×20 centimeter round about 5 dollars.
      Varnish. A 1/4 liter can of wood varnish is approximately the price at $ 8.
      Of course these prices may vary depending on what you need your facade, plus it is NOT taking into account the workforce because it is assumed that this will be developed or installed ourselves to save that cost.


    Let’s suppose that we have a facade of 6 meters in front and 3 of height that we are going to renovate, in it we have 2 windows of 1 meter x 1 meter and the entrance door (conventional door of 2.10 x 0.90 meters). Then we would do the following calculations:

    • Painting: 14.11 m2 to paint multiplied by 4 dollars = 56.44 dollars
    • Flying buttresses: 2 new flying buttresses = 30 dollars
    • Frame for door: 1 new frame for the door = 20 dollars
    • Flowerpots: 2 pots = 10 dollars
    • Varnish: 1 varnish can = 8 dollars.
    • Total: 124.44 dollars
      We have that we would leave the price around 124 dollars, this taking into account that we will paint with only one color, the price may vary if we have to completely renovate the windows or only the frames, but even with that they would not exceed 200 dollars.

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