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5 Tips to set the PRICE OF YOUR SERVICES as an Architect

Do not know what prices to fix your services as an Architect? Do not worry, here we tell you how you can do it!


    There are several factors that intervene in the price that as an architect you must offer and give your professional services, here we tell you which are the main ones.


    Today in Arquinétpolis we will talk about a topic that will surely interest you, and that is that, most of the time, recent graduates of the architecture degree or even architects with a professional career have doubts about the price they should set or put their professional services.

    This price usually end up fixing based on the average that is charged locally, however that is only one of the multiple factors involved in the consolidation of a price as a professional, here we will explain what are the factors that intervene in the price integration.


    Probes As we just mentioned, it is important that you consult and do a local survey about the prices offered by the other architects, remember that if you go too high in the price you may not attract too many clients, but nevertheless, if you put yourself well below the average price you will be devaluing your work and also that of all your colleagues.

    How much does it cost you to maintain your Office? Make a summation of all your indirect expenses, among which are: Rent (if you rent a local), electricity, telephone, internet, water, stationery, taxes, supplies, payroll (in case of paying) . At the end of it you can obtain an average and apply it for each one of the works that you elaborate.

    Segment your clientele Another factor you can take into account is the geographic and the socioeconomic, you can set standards in terms of carrying out projects in certain areas of the city, this can definitely be practiced and improved over time to be more competitive with respect to the competition.

    • Value added to your work. What makes you unique, special or different from the competition? This is also a factor that you can help when integrating the prices of your services, many entrepreneurs or independent architects are afraid to value their work, remember that if you do not give the value to your work, nobody else will . It is also important that you consider the benefits your job will have for the client in the short and medium term.
    • Name and prestige. Believe it or not this is a point that many professionals take into account and that is also important, obviously with the passage of time and with your work you can go by making a name and prestige, a renowned architect or company obviously charges much more expensive than an architect who has just started his career. Take this factor into account when integrating your prices.

    As you can see friends there are several factors involved and you have to take into account to set the price of your professional services, so far this article hoping that it has been to your liking, I invite you as always to join the blog community in social networks, for more content like this visit and recommend