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Advantages and Uses of BAMBOO FOR CONSTRUCTION

Would you like to know the benefits of building with Bamboo? Here in this article we tell you!


    Bamboo has proven to be a resistant material and have various properties that make it suitable for construction.

    bamboo for construction

    Today we will talk about a thousand-year-old natural material that gives us many ecological advantages when implemented in a project, and that material is bamboo.

    Bamboo is an ancient Asian plant that has been used in the construction world since ancient times, this plant has the peculiarity that it grows at high speed because it can grow up to half a meter in a single day, this plant keeps a certain aesthetic resemblance to sugar cane only that bamboo is much thicker and more rigid which allows it to be used in construction.

    Benefits of Bamboo

    There have been many studies in recent years to know for sure all the constructive properties that this material has, even have come to build whole houses of bamboo that have demonstrated functionality.

    The plant itself already has the benefit of immediate reproduction because when cutting the plant appear new rods or reeds that sprout from the same plant, however the ripening time for a bamboo plant to reach maximum stiffness is around 3 years old The multiple constructive benefits of bamboo when implemented in a project are the following:

    • It is a thermal material and acoustic insulation since inside the bamboo canes are formed air chambers that allow to regulate the temperature of the material (and therefore the house) depending on the climate in which it is and also form a barrier against the sound.
    • The thin rods can be used as pipe for hydraulic installation or storm drains.
    • It is a fairly cheap material and it has been proven that it can reduce the cost of a home by up to 50 or 60%..
    • Used as a wall, the bamboo rods show effectiveness against earthquakes when functioning as a block and in case of collapse, the material is quite light and the reconstruction can be carried out more easily.
    • It has a long lifespan, around 15-30 years.
    • It can be used as a structural element in the form of columns and is resistant.
    • It can also function as structural reinforcement or as a substitute for wood in some construction processes.
    • It is a renewable material and growing rapidly is not a cause of erosion or deforestation.
    • It can be used in a decorative way on interior walls.
    • Construction with bamboo is a profitable investment in the short term.
    • Bamboo in its natural state is an air purifying plant, which will improve the quality of the air in our home.
    • This plant is used in the treatment of wastewater for its large purifying and filtering property.
    • Bamboo is a material that fits perfectly in various decorative styles

    One of the great disadvantages or the biggest disadvantage is that for their work and implementation a skilled workforce is needed that can perform the work correctly to avoid risks and not have structural failures (in case of using bamboo as a structural element) another point to take into account is that you have to prepare the bamboo before working with it since it can be the subject of pests (like wood) and also with this we will increase its useful life.

    Another disadvantage could be that being a natural and organic material can not contain standardized measures such as conventional bricks that have defined measures, which can be a complication already on site as the thickness of the walls will not be constant.

    Well friends as you can see the construction with bamboo offers us multiple alternatives, it is not necessary to make a complete housing of this material, but can be used and implemented in some spaces such as in the garden or we can touch the decoration of the housing with bamboo.

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