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Tree Wi-Fi. Free Internet for all

The Tree Wifi project will give free internet in Amsterdam as a reward for good air quality, discover here what this initiative consists of.

This project in Amsterdam aims to «reward» citizens by activating WiFi signal in the streets if the air quality is good.


As we all know Holland is one of the countries that leads the way with innovative urban projects and in this case is not the exception, since they seek to implement a project that we will surely see implemented later in many cities and cities of the world that have the problem of environmental pollution. Tree WiFi is a project that seeks to involve and reward the people of Amsterdam to collaborate taking measures that help improve air quality in the city.


    How does Tree WiFi work?

    Tree WiFi works by means of some containers shaped like a house for birds that has a special installation to be implemented in the trees, inside it has sensors that measure and let you know exactly the quality of the air at that moment, besides of course of a router that is in charge of broadcasting the internet signal.

    On the roof of this small house of birds are LED lights as a traffic light that can inform the air quality at that time, the green light indicates that the air quality is optimal, the yellow light represents a regular quality of the air and the red light indicates that the air quality at that time is bad.

    Amsterdam Tree WiFi

    The objectives of this initiative are that the citizens of Amsterdam can know and be informed in real time about the air quality of the specific sector of the city they are traveling through and that they can adopt other mobility alternatives such as cycling or The use of public transport, on the other hand, will also reward the work of the citizen by providing free WiFi to all those who are near the tree where the router is placed.

    This project in turn aims to launch an app where citizens can consult in real time the areas of the city where the air quality is good and therefore, where the «Tree WiFi» is active and providing the internet signal in a way free There are 5 people who were in charge of designing and creating this urban project, however this project is a citizen initiative and they are looking to launch a crowdfounding campaign that allows them to receive donations and resources to expand the WiFi network through the streets of Amsterdam.

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