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Do you live in a small space and do you want it to look bigger in your home than it really is? Here we tell you how to expand your home.

Here we present 5 tricks to expand your home.



    5 Tips to Expand your Home

    Currently, houses are being developed and built in smaller spaces. Most people do not feel comfortable in these spaces and that is why. Thinking of that, we decided to present you with 5 tricks so that this reduced space becomes visually one more large.

    Psychologically a small space can have negative effects on a person’s life. The feelings of confinement are the most common. In this case it is a little «deceive» our mind to achieve effects and feelings of amplitude that allow us to ignore that We are in a small space.

    1- Multi-use furniture

    The multi-purpose furniture is a great option to free space for example a bed with drawers that allows you to store clothes can even make you do without the closet. You can also turn your bureau or bedside table into a bookshelf if you wish. What’s important is that everything is worth to store things that are usually those that make the spaces seem even more reduced. By doing this we will be able to free up space and thereby feel a little more comfortable.

    2- Windows and lighting

    This is another important and fundamental point, an illuminated space gives a greater sensation of amplitude, that is why you should focus on this point. The reduced spaces have very few openings or natural light inputs, a trick to make better use of these windows is to paint light colors inside your space, these colors are more reflective and thus you can spread the light better for your space .

    3- Mirrors

    Another trick that you can use to visually make your space look wider is to place mirrors that reflect the light and spread it around the room, place mirrors so that the light that one mirror propagates is received by another and thereby illuminate areas of penumbra where natural light does not reach.

    4- Built-in artificial lighting

    The spotlights or lamps that hang from low ceilings provide feelings of confinement. In this case we recommend embedding the luminaires in your room on the walls, so you will have the roof free and thus will not look shorter than it is. It is also recommended to embed a lamp on a wall especially if you sit or lie on your bed to read a book.

    5- Take advantage of the corners

    A trick that can help you a lot to free space is the use of the corners. Above all shelves or storage spaces that allow you to release more space. A small file to keep your stationery can be another option. Finally and not by less important you can place a small plant that allows you to feel more connected with nature.

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