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5 Keys to Having SATISFIED CUSTOMERS as an Architect

Would you like to have more satisfied customers? Then this is for you!


    For an architect, engineer or designer it is important to achieve customer satisfaction, here we give you keys in which you can work to improve the satisfied customers.

    satisfied customers

    Today in Arquinétpolis we bring a super good subject that will surely interest you, and that is that, the vast majority of the time we work as Architects trying to capture as many customers as possible (which is fine), but another important point which we must focus on is to satisfied customers.

    A satisfied customer can return to you in two ways: Once, requesting your services again because he thought you did a great job and he was satisfied, or he can also recommend you to his acquaintances and with that you can get more clients with whom you can work.

    If you have an office or an architecture office it is important that you focus on developing and positioning your office as a brand and try to offer a better service to the client, but also do not forget an important point: The value of a satisfied client as an enhancer of your brand or office.

    Advantages of having a satisfied customers

    A satisfied customer is one who, after hiring your services, comes back or recommends you and speaks positively of your experience recommending you. With satisfied customers, a greater loyalty to the «brand» (in this case your office or you as an architect) and more consequently a better reputation within your environment.

    Satisfaction could be defined as compliance or the difference that exists between the expectation that the client has about your service, against the actual performance that was obtained when contracting that service. A starting point and important factor of these expectations is determined by the price of the service, if you charge your professional services as an architect, then the client will have a high expectation of the service and, therefore, a smaller margin for errors.

    If you manage to exceed those expectations you will have that customer knocking on your door in the medium or long term, while, on the contrary, if you fall below those expectations the client will end up looking for another alternative. It is therefore important to understand the weight that the concept of a satisfied client has for an architect.

    But … how can I work or achieve the satisfaction of my clients? Here we present these 5 keys.


    Communication with a client is important to avoid misunderstandings during the work process, for this you can potentiate online marketing tools or use communication channels such as social networks or contact forms. This will give the customer a feeling that at any time he can contact you to resolve your doubts. Response times are very important, the sooner you respond effectively to a customer, the more you will pay to that satisfaction you are looking for. Eye: It is important to attend and pay special attention to suggestions or complaints.


    Be responsible with your client and treat or pay attention as if it were the only one you have (although at that time you have more). Pay special attention to the dates or times of delivery, be responsible and try to comply with the agreed deadlines, be wrong on a date may cause mistrust and a lower rating in terms of customer satisfaction.


    The interaction is related to the first point we are dealing with, however, communication and interaction have to be more personalized, clients feel more satisfied and understood when they are valued and treated more as people, than as a client. Try to develop a relationship of trust between you and the client, make your client feel special and have 100% of your attention.


    We are not perfect and there will surely be a time when we fail, be honest with the client and do not promise beyond what you can accomplish, it is difficult to recover a client who feels cheated. In case that for some reason you have failed in some aspect with the client, try to reward him with something to generate a positive effect on his level of confidence and satisfaction.


    The most sincere opinion you can find about your work, you will have it from a client. If you are looking to develop areas of opportunity in which you consider that you can improve the experience of hiring your services, it is important that you seek the opinion of your clients about your work.

    Well, as you can see it is very important to work on customer satisfaction to improve your reputation and do a better job. Remember that to find more content like this you have to visit and recommend