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Calculate the Solar Energy of your ROOF FREE

Would you like to calculate the solar energy your roof receives totally free? Then this is for you!

Discover here Google Project Sunroof, an initiative of Google that will allow you to know the amount of solar energy that your roof receives and will help you to know everything you can save by implementing solar panels on your roof.



    Calculate the Solar Energy of your roof Free

    Today in Arquinétpolis we bring you a very interesting topic. Many times we have spoken here in this space about sustainability and the different ways in which we can be more energy efficient at home and when developing an architectural project.

    Well, this time we present an initiative undertaken by Google to help people know how much solar energy they receive on their roof and if it is viable to install solar panels, if so. They can even tell you how much money you would save per year with a system of solar panels.

    What is Google Sunroof and how does it work?

    Google Sunroof is a new Google project that is able to calculate the amount of solar energy received by the roof of your house in one year. The factors that this system takes into account for the analysis are: The database of aerial images of Google Earth, Google Maps, the shadows of structures or nearby trees and all the positions of the sun during the course of the year.

    As already mentioned. The goal of this project is to help you know the amount of solar energy that you can have in your home during the year. With this data, Google Sunroof recommends the installation size of solar panels that you must implement in your home to be able to generate 100% of the electricity consumption with solar energy.

    Calculate the costs

    You can calculate the costs and be able to know in a simple way if it is profitable or not. The project was launched for testing last year in 3 cities in the United States: Boston, San Francisco and Fresno. Given the success of this program. Now Google Sunroof is available in all the states of the American Union. This reaching just over 45 million rooftops.

    Many users are interested in installing solar panels in their homes for the potential savings and for using renewable energies that do not pollute. Google Sunroof what it does is analyze and calculate how many solar panels are needed. Even calculates the incentives and discounts that have renewable energy in the area. You can also see how much time you need to make the investment more affordable.

    As you can see, Google Project Sunroof is a great initiative to start using energy that does not pollute. Solar energy is a free element that we have and we must take advantage of it. So far this article hoping that it has been to your liking and remember that for more content like this you have to visit and recommend