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SOCIAL MEDIA for Architects, Engineers and Designers

Are you an architect, engineer or designer and use social media to share your work? Then this article is for you!

The use of social media nowadays is fundamental for the development of a company or office, here we will tell you the social networks in which you must be.


We will talk about a topic that in recent years has been becoming something of great importance even to get a job. We speak to them no less than social networks. Social networks currently have a great influence on many aspects of life, and it is a well channeled tool that can be very useful in our professional life. That is why in this post we will explain the main social networks in which an architect should be.


    Social Media for Architects, Engineers and Designers

    This topic is of great interest especially for architects or independent professionals or freelancers. Since social networks and the internet can be our main way to advertise and promote our work. However there are some parameters that we must take into account to be able to correctly use social networks in the workplace.

    Currently there are many social networks and each of them serves a different audience. We will start by saying that it is not recommended to make profiles on all social networks, it is better to focus on two or three networks but be active and not have 10 accounts but with little participation. We will begin then with the recount of the main social networks where every Architect must be present.


    Facebook has to be if or if in this account of social networks. The great advantage that gives us Facebook is that in addition to our personal profile we can create an «alternate» profile or a page where we can publish our work. But before starting to publish and win likes you should ask yourself about what you want to convey to your audience or audience. In previous articles we have talked about trying to specialize in a single work niche (projects, renders, budgets) and not trying to cover everything because in the end you will have more competition.


    Twitter is another social network quite used by people. However here you will have to use your creativity to be able to transmit your messages. Since Twitter only allows 140 characters. However. On Twitter as well as on Facebook we can viralize content more easily and with that reach a lot more people or potential customers. Definitely Twitter is the network of creativity and ingenuity.


    Pinterest is the social network that has grown the most in recent years. Personally I think that Pinterest should be the basic social network of every Architect. It is a 100% visual social network and that even it seems that it is made for Architects or Designers.

    This social network is very similar to instagram. I recommend you only use one of the two (personally I prefer Pinterest) however each social network serves different audiences. Although you can find more people related to Architecture and design on Pinterest. Here what is involved is to make boards (if possible with photographs of your work or renders of yours) and people will share or «pineandolos» as they like.

    Google Plus

    Google Plus is a social network quite underestimated because it has great potential because it can position content in the Google search very quickly. Since Google’s social network will find many benefits by having an account there. It is definitely not the same as Facebook but I repeat. It is important that we develop a Google Plus profile and have it updated to position ourselves in Google, which is the most used search engine in the world.


    Finally we have LinkedIn, another social network that has been very underestimated but in recent years has been transformed and has evolved. Definitely if you are a «freelance» or independent Architect you must have a LinkedIn profile. Here you will find people or companies directly related to your field or work niche. Even some large companies or offices of architecture publish their bags and job offers for this social network, so beware of that.

    Well, friends, as you can see it is quite important to keep up to date and create profiles for these social networks. In a world as globalized as ours is important that we are the day. The future in many aspects has reached us and in the ways of getting employment is not the exception. Well friends up to here the first entry of the day hoping that it has been to your liking, talking about social networks. I invite you to join the blog community on Facebook, for more content like this visit and recommends