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Save Money with Energy Efficiency at Home

Discover here how you can save money at home with energy efficiency. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it!

Energy efficiency means contributing from home with the planet and with it you can even save money and reduce expenses in services.

energy efficiency


    Save Money with Energy Efficiency

    Today in the blog we will talk about a very interesting topic for all. Since at the present time energy efficiency and sustainability are important issues within the ecology, architecture and urbanism of the 21st century.

    As we all know in the world in addition to cars. Homes are one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions that in turn cause damages such as the greenhouse effect, for example, and are the cause of global warming and other phenomena that today we live But can we really from home be energy efficient? The answer is yes.

    What’s energy efficiency and how is it produced?

    Energy efficiency at home can be measured and produced in different ways. One of the main is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house spending as little energy as possible, for this efforts should focus on our home loses the least amount of heat or energy possible.

    The other way to be energy efficient at home is to make good use and management of the appliances or appliances that we have at home so that they consume the least amount of energy possible. This together can make our house generate a smaller amount of cabrono dioxide emissions and thereby contribute to our environment.

    But also be energy efficient, these measures can bring us economic benefits. And that is, it has been shown that energy efficient housing can save up to 40% of energy and substantially reduce the cost of services such as: Electric power and drinking water.

    Actions to be more energy efficient at home

    At home we have at our fingertips a series of actions that will allow us to spend less energy and thereby also save money. Among these actions are the following:

    • Protect doors and windows: In the doors and windows you can find the main heat and energy leaks. Therefore you should isolate both the cold and heat well. Special plastic adhesive sheets can be used to help reduce heat losses or gains if placed outside. Similarly if you detect leaks or air leaks you can cover them with silicon or other simple means.
    • Natural lighting: Natural lighting is another important issue in energy efficiency. Paint your walls light colors so they can absorb light better and you can have better illuminated spaces. Mirrors are another resource that you can use to propagate light to your spaces.

    Artificial Lightning

    • Artificial lighting: This is another important point in energy efficiency. Change bulbs or incandescent bulbs by low consumption lights or LED as they save up to 70% of energy than conventional. And in areas where light is needed for many hours, such as kitchens, it is advisable to use fluorescent tubes.
    • Barriers to trees: Plant trees strategically in areas that can shade your home as they will protect you in the summers of the hottest hours and help keep your house cooler. Remember not to plant trees that develop too much root because in the long term can damage your floors or even your foundation.
    • Check the energy requirements of the devices before buying: Read the user manual of each device so that you are familiar with the proper methods of operation and do not forget to disconnect them when you finish using them because even if they are off if they stay connected they continue to consume energy.

    As friends can see. It is very easy to be energy efficient from home. Besides that we can save a lot of money on our basic services bills. We invite you as always to continue adding to the blog community on Facebook and remember that for more content like this one you have to visit and recommend