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Strategies to get clients as a FREELANCE ARCHITECT

Are you a freelance or independent architect and are you looking to attract clients? Here we tell you how to do it and the strategies you must carry out to succeed!


    The independent architect currently finds a lot of competition in the labor sector, however there are different strategies that will allow you to get clients and be more competitive.

    freelance architect

    As we know nowadays in the world of Architecture and Construction there is increasing competition, thousands of new Architects graduate every year from universities and in the face of crisis and unemployment in the world it is increasingly difficult to find clients or a good job as an Architect in a construction or architecture office.

    However, in the absence of opportunities often the only option is to be independent or «freelance», this term Anglo-Saxon is used to refer to the person who works on their own or is an independent professional. That is why today’s topic is: Tips for Freelance Architects.


    The question is: How to survive a world full of competition being a freelance or independent architect? well, the independent Architect has many tools that well exploited can even be much more profitable than working in a company or office. Basically you have to focus on two fundamental aspects: The product (in this case a service) and the price.

    In the case of the product we are talking about the service that we as independent architects can offer, however here the dilemma is as follows: Should we offer a wide variety of services or focus and specialize in one? this has its pros and cons, definitely in the first option we will find much more competition and it will be more difficult to keep updated in all the niches or sections of the architecture.

    On the other hand, if you decide to specialize in a single niche (such as the rendering, the analysis of unit prices) you could have more opportunities as it reduces your competition and if you specialize in it you can be even more competitive.


    This point is fundamental in a strategy of «freelancer», it is true that offering a good price we can be competitive but … to what extent do we have to maintain a relatively «low» price? with a low price we can be more attractive for the client, however an excessively low price can cause a low quality feeling of our work.

    The ideal is to investigate the prices offered by the competition and not be more than 10% below the prices that are being offered, but can you offer high prices as a freelance? the answer is YES, but this strategy is convenient after getting a «name» or that our brand begins to be recognized, with this the client can perceive our services as «high quality» and would be willing to pay more.

    As a summary we can say that the first steps we must take in our strategy to be competitive in the freelance world are the following:

    •  Specialize in a sector or niche to reduce competition and have a greater field of specialization with courses, diplomas, masters or doctorates.
    • In the first year reduce the price up to 10% below the competition, then over time we can go up prices.

    Sales strategies

    Another important point to get clients to be a freelance architect besides the price and service are sales strategies, it is important that you have even a minimum knowledge of sales, in the case of freelance or independent architects has been implemented in many cases the offer or the sale of professional services by «package», in this case we offer a package that includes the Architectural Project in addition to models or virtual tours or a budget, this strategy allows you to convey to the client that you are acquiring several services at the same price .

    Another strategy quite used in the freelance world is that where you offer the client something «free», in the case of the famous «packages» of which we spoke, we can add something «free» either a couple of renders more or something that does not really imply an expense or consumption of time or resources. This strategy causes the client a feeling of being paying just or little for your services without actually devaluing your work.

    Having a good sales strategy will allow you to be more competitive, add value to your work so you can get more customers.


    Make your name a brand and start positioning yourself on the internet and social networks, get out there promoting and offering your services, but always do it under a strategy, because if you do it in this way you can more easily measure success or failure of it and be able to implement new measures or corrections.

    A fundamental and basic point for every freelance Architect is the creation of a professional profile on LinkedIn, LinkedIn is the social network of professionals and you can find many people and companies related to the world of construction, so do not wait any longer and register. .

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