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5 Most Wanted ARCHITECTURE TOPICS on the Internet

Today we present you in Arquinétpolis which are the most sought after architecture topics on the internet.

Sustainability, ecotécnias and architectural projects are among the most sought after in architecture and construction.

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    5 Most Wanted Architecture Topics on the Internet

    Today in Arquinétpolis we will give you an account about the 5 most searched architecture topics on the internet. These are subjects that will surely interest you. So if you could not read and inform yourself about it, here is a good opportunity to review what is more It is interesting to the Architects and Designers.

    1- Projects and Works

    Architectural projects are a search topic for every architect, architectural plans and requirements for building licenses were specific searches. The projects and the works of the most recognized architects of the world were a matter of research and search on the internet, architectural photography and search of architectural plans also stand out among the searches that architects and engineers do the most.

    2- Construction Management

    Another issue of the most sought after in architecture and construction is related to the administration of work, unit prices and generating numbers were the most constant searches. This issue is undoubtedly important, since usually some of the most used programs in the administration of work update their databases of prices and materials every month on the Internet.

    3- DIY

    Another topic of interest in the world of architecture and construction that was the most sought after is the one that has to do with DIY. DIY is the manual activity that a person does as an amateur, without necessarily resorting to the consultation or service of a professional, this occurs basically in carpentry, masonry and electricity.

    DIY is a creative activity that reuses what already exists, for many people it is an easy. Entertaining activity that helps to improve the spaces of the house in a simple way.

    4- Digital Marketing for Architects

    Digital marketing is within the first 5 searches. Social networks and technology have made digital marketing a topic of vital importance for every professional. Topics such as employment from home, promotion in social networks and entrepreneurship offices became the most favorite for architects and designers. Especially students or recent graduates who are looking for their first job.

    5- Technology

    Technology is another topic of interest that this year has been full of Internet searches. The development of new gadgets or devices that facilitate the design. As well as the updating of the most important design programs on the market. Was the most sought after. The new iPhone 7 and the updates of the Autodesk programs (AutoCAD and Revit) were the most important and commented.

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