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Top Universities to STUDY ARCHITECTURE

Do you want to know which of the 5 best Universities in the World to study Architecture? Well, here we tell you!


    The teaching of Architecture like any other career requires a good curriculum, but above all quality. The Universities that we will present to you have earned a name in the World for the quality of the teaching and for the academic quality of their graduates.

    study architecture

    Today we will talk about the top 5 universities in the world to study architecture, this count is based on worldwide recognition of the study programs offered by these universities, there are many more Universities that deserve to be in this count, however more ahead we will make a more extensive article with the possibilities offered by these houses of study in Spain and Latin America.

    It should be noted that: This is a totally personal count and is not related to any official list, the following Universities have simply been selected for personal criteria in the understanding that there are many more educational centers where the Architecture career is taught with great excellence academic

    Having said that, we started with this count with the following Universities that, in our opinion, deserve to be among the 5 best universities in the world to study architecture.

    1- Southern California Institute of Architecture. Los Angeles California

    This is one of the most prestigious universities to study architecture in the United States, the institute issues professional degrees accredited by the National Council of Architecture Accreditation and this is an important requirement to pursue a career in the United States. Their study plans as well as their summer programs are recognized in the World for being the best.

    2- University of Tokyo

    Basically this University is more recognized for achieving great advances in the world of engineering, however this renowned University also offers masters, doctorates and different specialties directly related to Architecture.

    Among its most recognized programs of study and collaboration we can find the «21st Century COE Program», which promotes academic competition among some universities in Japan, through the classrooms of this great university passed students like Toyo Ito for example, which today is one of the referents of contemporary architecture.

    3- Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC. Barcelona, ​​Spain

    This institute is one of the most recognized in the world for the quality and the offer of its educational programs, among its most important programs we can find the master of «Advanced Characteristics of Architecture», a course of sustainability and self-sufficient design that can be followed as a one or two year course. Definitely if you have the opportunity to travel or plan to do a master’s degree abroad, this may be one of your best options.

    4- School of Architecture UNAM. Mexico DF

    The Faculty of Architecture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the unit responsible for teaching and research in Architecture, has a tradition of more than two centuries, inherited from the Academy of San Carlos.

    Most of the best architects in Mexico have been trained in its classrooms, some of them of recognized international fame, for which the Faculty has had and has an important role in the construction of Mexican Architecture. The degree in Architecture at the UNAM is taught since 1781 and is the oldest in the entire American continent.

    5- School of Architecture Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Chile

    In the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso the careers of Architecture, Graphic Design and Industrial Design are taught, recently they already teach postgraduate programs focused on «nautical and maritime design» and «city and territory».

    Being strongly influenced by Le Corbusier’s theories, since the end of the 60s it has established itself as one of the most avant-garde and innovative Chilean architecture schools, postulating a direct relationship between Architecture and Poetry, as well as assigning a fundamental role to the observation in the architectural creation. The architecture carried out and promoted by the faculty has produced controversial works in the «Open City», both for the use of materials and for the form and characteristics of the spaces created.