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5 Things you should not tell AN ARCHITECT

Do you know any architect? Then this is for you!


    Discover here the 5 things that you should never tell an architect.


    Today we decided to bring you some humor in Arquinétpolis, with the 5 things that you should never tell an architect, if you are one, you will surely feel identified with some of these memorable phrases that we have surely heard or have told us at some time.

    1- So much time for that?

    The works of architecture require many hours of work, making a model, a set of plans or a renders require a lot of patience and hours that many times «we steal» at night with sleep. Perhaps for people who are not involved in the world of architecture, it may seem simple or simple to do, but behind each of these works there are many hours of sacrifice. So … do not say that to an architect!

    2- How much do you charge me for a «drawing»?

    Another of the famous phrases that we often hear as architects, is when they ask for «a drawing», really the phrase is related to the first one, behind that apparent simple drawing there are several hours of effort to be able to elaborate it. So if you are going to request the services of an architect try not to do it with that phrase.

    3- I know a mason who does the same job for half the price

    Many times people get confused and think that a construction worker can perform the same jobs as an architect, the architect as well as being able to direct a work, has the necessary knowledge about design and comfort necessary to make your project functional.

    4- But the plans are made by the computer, or not?

    It is true that architects use software or computer programs to help us in the drawing of plans, but just to be able to draw and prepare them, it is necessary to spend a few hours behind the screen

    5- So expensive for a few lines?

    Another famous phrase that we hear a lot, is with the clients when we charge our fees, they usually get scared or scared by the prices, since most people consider that they do not have much difficulty in drawing plans. Nothing is further from reality than that, we take this point also to make a call as an architect and that you really earn what your work is worth and do not give it away.

    We hope you have felt identified with some of these phrases and the goal was to have fun and get a smile. Remember that for more content like this you have to visit and recommend