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5 Tips to be Efficient by preparing an Architectural Project

Do you feel that you do not have time to finish your homework and assignments? Then pay attention because here we will give you some tips so that you work at night as little as possible and correctly schedule your project delivery.


    The student of Architecture and the Architect as such usually work a lot at night, in the collective imagination of the race they always mentalize us and prepare us for night work and sleeplessness. Discover here how to be more efficient in your project delivery.

    architectural project

    In this article we bring you a very interesting topic that surely everyone will like, how many times have you had to reveal to make a delivery? Surely they will say that many or that they have already lost the account, and as we all know the works related to the field of design and architecture are very laborious and entail that we dedicate a considerable number of hours making us have to convert our hours of sleep or sleep, during work hours.

    Is it possible to avoid this? the answer is YES, or at least try to avoid it to the maximum, it is true that the academic programs offered by many Universities and the work that as graduated Architects we can achieve is very ambitious, and usually we have to sacrifice hours that perhaps we had destined to other activities to be able to carry out our work.

    Some say that all bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the world are equally sacrificed, and they are right. The problem lies in the excess of sacrifice, that is, when our routine is to stay up late and unveil continuously, this in addition to reducing our productivity will also cause health problems that if we do not attend in time can bring us very unpleasant consequences.

    That is why today we have decided to give them some tips and advice so that they can reduce and optimize their working time and with it they can have more rest time and greater productivity.

    1- Planning and calculation of times

    From here everything, bad planning can cause a job that can be done in 3 hours we end up doing it in 8 or 9, always have at hand an agenda or a board where you can go noting what you have to do on the day and go programming. Another super important advice is that you take the time that you take doing a certain activity, for example: Models, pre-projects, budgets, etc.

    From there you can have an estimated time of what you take doing those tasks and your planning will be much more accurate. Of course, this planning and calculation must be done based on your experience, calculating the time it takes you approximately to do those jobs.

    2- Zero distractions

    If you have to make a model or you have a project delivery it is essential to end all the distractions, the more you are focused on your work, the less time you will spend doing it. WhatsApp and social networks are the main distraction when it comes to working, if you are working in AutoCAD just try to have the program window or the information you need and nothing else. Phone notifications are another source of distraction, try to keep your phone quiet or turn it off and not be consulting every 3 minutes.

    3- Keyboard shortcuts

    All the software we handle, from the most basic to the most specialized, contains keyboard shortcuts. Try to familiarize yourself with these options that will allow you to perform your functions in a faster and more practical way, besides saving you a few clicks, you will save time of work. The keyboard shortcuts definitely represent a part of considerable savings in software management and also that you will do it more smoothly.

    4- Perfecting

    Architects are very perfectionists with our work and we want to leave everything in order, however in many occasions we lose more time in «perfecting» our project instead of finishing it. This is one of the most common mistakes, in the conceptualization we must visualize our project as completely as we can, it is true that there are imponderables or unforeseen on the road and that we must attack, but we must try to reduce them to the maximum and try to lose the minor possible time in them.

    Focus on finishing your work and if at the end you have time to perfect it, go ahead, try not to allocate time of your work to this work before finishing.

    5- Work protocols and methodologies

    It is true that each project is different, however the procedure is mostly very similar. Elaborate methodologies or concrete steps to follow for each type of work that you have to elaborate, with it you reduce to the maximum the unforeseen and you have everything planned. Create templates in the programs that you use the most, such as AutoCAD or Excel, saving you the need to configure dimensions, layers, paper sizes, font types and sizes, etc.

    Always try to anticipate work, to know what to do in cases of unforeseen, try to leave random and unforeseen the least amount of things possible. For all the works try to elaborate this sequence, either to draw plans, to make models, etc. With this you will work in a more orderly way and avoid losing time in processes that do not contribute anything to your work.

    Sometimes it will be imminent to reveal itself and it is most likely due to the large volume of work or tasks that we have to do, however when that happens these tips and tips will help you reduce the time of sleep or optimize your work and you can deliver everything in a timely manner, hopefully these tips have been to your liking, we invite you as always to join the blog community on social networks. For more content like this visit and recommend