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SALES STRATEGIES for Architects and Designers

Would you like to have a Sales Strategies for your Professional Services as an Architect? Here we tell you!


    Currently the great competition demands that all Professionals prepare to sell their Professional Services, here we give you a series of sales strategies that will help you in this task.

    sales strategies

    The vast majority of occasions in universities or study centers prepares us as architects from the technical aspect of the career itself, however not so much emphasis is placed on strategies that help students sell their professional services once they have graduated

    One of the great problems of the graduates is the lack of opportunities in the labor market, often the architect despite having talent and capacity does not have the necessary knowledge in the field of sales so that he can offer his Professional Services as an Architect independent, freelance or self-employed

    Sales strategies

    Learning sales is something that very few professionals in the design and construction sector have developed and that nowadays is essential. It is always important to use the correct words with the client, transmit the benefits and get the client to accept your proposal, an important sales strategies that works for the Architects is to sell packages where you offer multiple services.

    Remember that the Architect can make several works so why not group them and sell them as a package? This will make the client feel that he is obtaining multiple benefits for a single price, he always gives a better impression selling complete services than individual ones.

    This also extends the perspective of the client in terms of solving their problems and allows your income can be guaranteed, for example you can make a package that in addition to the development of a permit plane includes a conceptual or detailed 3D visualization of the project . In this way you give an added value to your service that maybe the competition is not giving it.

    The «added value» is another sales strategy that can be interesting, for example you can offer your customer services related to the maintenance of the home and give or give a discount on the first service for example. You can offer discounts through your website or your social networks and thus hook more to your audience or customers, that is also a sales strategy.

    Online and offline strategies

    A good sales strategy is to combine the online with the offline, but before that, first determine directly what your objectives are when offering your professional services, that is, briefly specify what you do and what is what you offer.

    This gives great results to take advantage in a minute all your potential when you present yourself to a potential client, looking for an original formula to show what differentiates you from others.

    Most people do not like to feel pressured or that they are selling something, an offer of professional services is a negotiation, the most important thing is that you focus on a client sector that allows you to dedicate enough time to each one of them. them so that you can take good care of them and guarantee maximum satisfaction.

    Well friends, as you can see the architect must also know about sales strategies (especially if you are a freelance or independent architect), we hope that this information can serve as a reference for you to develop your own strategy and make you a clientele that allows you be competitive in the labor sector, until this article has been waiting for you to have liked. Remember to follow the blog on social networks and for more content like this visit and recommend