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MARKETING STRATEGIES that you must apply as an Architect

Would you like to expand your customer base this year? Then this is for you! Marketing can help you get more customers.


    Discover here the main marketing strategies that will be trend this year and with which you can reach a greater number of potential customers.

    marketing strategies

    Today in Arquinétpolis we will talk about something very important, as we all know marketing and sales strategies are fundamental in any architectural office or even more, if you work as an independent or freelance architect. This year there will be a tendency for different forms of marketing, as every architect has to be updated and this topic is not the exception.


    Promotions are strategies that help brands and products to be more competitive in a certain sector or niche, in this case the architect what he offers is a service, for it, offering promotions of the services you offer during the year will be of vital importance for that you can expand your number of potential clients.

    Make a calendar and program your promotions, you can make one per month or vary depending on the months of the year in which you have more work, you can make discounts in the preparation of plans, renders or budgets, another modality that you can use in your favor it’s adding something extra. Adding a package of renders or a maintenance guide for a certain work are extra elements that you can include, the client will feel more valued and with this you will give an added value to your work.

    Audiovisual elements

    During this year the audiovisual elements will be important in the world of marketing, short videos of one or two minutes maximum generate virality on platforms such as social networks, unleash your creativity creating videos where you can talk about the services that offer or work that you have already done and where you explain all the advantages of hiring your services.

    Social networks

    Every day social networks represent a greater capacity to exhibit your work, if you do not have accounts or professional profiles of yours on social networks, then you are missing a great capacity to expand your number of clients.

    Audiovisual elements within social networks are a trend that marks the development of promotion strategies, what interests in this case is that you can communicate and make your content reach the recipient (potential client) through a common language (do not use technicalities ), remember that each person you reach on social networks represents an opportunity to get a job.

    Also through social networks you can reach companies that may be interested in your services, this in case you are an independent architect and decide to take the step of working for an institution or company, establish links and cooperations in the short and medium term with your marketing strategies.

    Well, friends, as you can see there are different strategies that you can carry out this year to give that impulse to your architecture or career office and get more clients, remember to follow us on social networks and for more content like this you have to visit and Recommend