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How to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS with my Office of Architecture?

Would you like to attract customers to your Architecture Office? Then this is for you!

Marketing and sales strategies will allow you to have a more attractive brand and that will allow you to attract more and better customers.

attract customers
How to ATTRACT CUSTOMERS with my Office of Architecture?

Today in Arquinétpolis we will talk about marketing for architects and a very interesting topic: How to position my office or my brand before the public and attract more customers? It is a very deep topic and one that requires a lot of work.

But if we manage to do it correctly it can be the way to have clients queuing up in our office. Below we will see some tips to improve our image and position our name or brand to attract more customers.

How to attract customers with my office of architecture?

Basically marketing is related to perceptions. This perception makes people recognize something (in this case our product or service). Among the wide range of goods and services to which they are exposed to satisfy their need.

The offices of Architecture are a specialized service that must seek to position itself if you want to take your brand to be recognized and for that you must use strategies to open your way between your every day more competitors and reach your market or clientele.

First of all we must ask ourselves the following question: How many offices of Architects can you find in your city, state or country? Surely many and all will usually offer a catalog of services quite similar to what you offer.

But that is precisely where marketing and brand positioning comes in so that our target audience can keep us in mind and visualize us as an alternative or an option different.

Job Postings for Architects

JOB POSTINGS for Architects

Attract more customers

Market positioning is the place in the minds of people who occupy a brand, product or service and there are key points to create and stimulate it, among them we can find the following:

  • Achieve a differentiation with an element that the competition can not copy or imitate. (Price / quality / services / delivery time / prestige)
  • That the element of differentiation is useful and that your consumers really need. In addition to making a difference with respect to the final result offered by the competition.
  • Analyze the similar attributes of your competition and the market niche to which they are directed.
  • That advertising and communication strategies reflect the differentiating element that you chose. This point is important. Since an error that is often committed is not to highlight in our advertising what distinguishes us from others. You can have an excellent element of differentiation. But if you do not make it known or do not publish it then nothing will serve you and may not be perceived by the public.

Top of mind

What should be achieved with the positioning is to be the first option that comes in mind highlighting the positive attributes of your brand. Which is also known as «top of mind». The top of mind, is what marks the first thing that comes to mind to a consumer.

Is also known as the first mention. The top of mind is the word that comes first to the mind, and usually springs up spontaneously.

It also has the characteristic of being the best positioned and also that first word is related to a positioning (in this case of a product or service) that is usually the first choice of the consumer or customer when looking for a service.

Try to find a word or an expression that goes beyond the common denominator already established. But which is also related to what you want to communicate so that it occupies a space within all the terms related to your sector (in this case, the sector of Construction and Architecture).

Atrract customers with Marketing Keywords

A tip that you can apply to know the «key words» or the top of mind is to make a brief survey. It is not necessary to be something professional or to survey thousands of people. It is enough to ask your acquaintances (who are not related with the world of architecture, design or construction)

The first or first words in which they think when listening to «Architecture» «design» «rendering» or a word related to the niche in which you want to focus, with this you will discover and have an idea of ​​what people think and with it you it will be easier to find that word that will position your brand or company before the public.

As friends can see. Marketing is really important within any profession. Even more in Architecture and if they are Independent Architects or «freelances». We hope this post is of your use. Remember that to find more content like this you have to visit and recommend

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  1. Coincido con lo que plantea el artículo. Es fundamental que se analice el mercado en donde uno pretende trabajar para poder encontrar el nicho que nos permita diferenciarnos del resto de nuestra posible competencia. En ese sentido creo que es fundamental preguntarnos «¿por qué alguien debería elegirnos entre tanta gente que hace lo mismo que nosotros?. Si no tratamos de marcar una diferencia que nos distinga del resto, es poco probable que podamos destacarnos. Saludos!

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