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The work of an Architect goes beyond simply drawing up plans and directing or leading civil works.

In this post we explain all the facets of the work of an Architect.

Work of an Architect

Sometimes people come to confuse the work of an Architect with other professionals in the field of construction and design such as Civil Engineers or Interior Designers.

That is why in this article we intend to delineate and dimension Well what are the tasks that an Architect performs professionally in order to clear doubts and to give people a clearer vision about our work.


    What is the Work of an Architect?

    The Architect can even do a little psychologist work with a client to interpret their needs. Perceiving their space requirements and then transform them into the project.

    The Architect is responsible for the creation of a design concept that involves precisely all the needs of the client. In turn must have the touch to shape their own style without intervening or opposing the interests and needs of the client.

    For the execution of all these activities, the Architect must have the knowledge and the preparation for the understanding of these complex design processes as well as of the constructive processes necessary to carry out the project.

    Architect Functions

    The Architect studies the spaces that satisfy the functions of the human being and which are in turn the emotional or sentimental expression of the people who inhabit them. The spaces must express their way of seeing or living the life as well as improving the quality of the same.

    People in the world inhabit spaces in different ways according to their social environment, culture and time, and the Architect is the one who must study all these variables in order to achieve an integral design.

    Work of an Architect

    Among the activities carried out by an Architect we can find the following:

    • Create a concept taking into account the needs of the client.
    • Consult the client about the feasibility of your project.
    • It is responsible for managing the work from an administrative point of view and can manage construction permits and other documentation necessary to execute the work.
    • Prepares and presents design proposals for the client, all taking into account the previous analysis.
    • Elaborates architectural plans that reflect the concept and the proposal presented.
    • Make budgets and schedules or work schedules to know the approximate cost and time that will be delayed construction.
    • Produces physical, virtual models or virtual tours that allow the client to visualize in three dimensions the project.

    Work of the Architect in Construction

    • Coordinates and leads the work with the contractors or with the workers hired for the work.
    • You can negotiate with suppliers of construction materials or contractors.
    • Supervises the work to monitor progress and ensure the project is being executed in a timely manner.
    • Consultation with other construction professionals as Engineers and Designers for specific activities within the project.
    • Provides solutions to unforeseen problems and inconveniences that may arise during construction.
    • An Architect can work on projects or works that start from scratch or in extensions, remodeling and also in the conservation or restoration of historic buildings.

    The Architect can also perform different activities from the administrative, academic, urban and even in the design of landscapes. But later, in future articles we will see each one of them. So we are left with this compendium of activities carried out from the architectural environment.

    Did we miss any? We invite you to leave us your comment and impressions in the comment area of ​​the article or in our social networks.