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Are you a student, architect, engineer or designer and plan to open or start your own office or architectural firm? Here we tell you how to open an architecture office!

Given the shortage of employment, recent graduates of different careers are looking to start their own office or office, here we will tell you the necessary bases so that you can start and … start successfully! Discover here how to open an architecture office!

How to Open an Architecture Office

    How to open an Architecture Office?

    This time we will discuss a very interesting topic, since, as we all know every day the labor competition in the world of architecture and construction is increasingly closed more and it is much more difficult to choose a good position within an office or Constructor

    There is a lot of demand for jobs, so that more and more architects decide to embark on the adventure of starting their own office of design or architecture. The decision is not easy, but once we take it we must evaluate our options and focus on the niche or market where we can exploit our talent better.


    Planning in a business is everything. The success of a company depends to a large extent on good or bad planning. Before investing a single weight in your building or architectural office, visualize and discover your target audience.

    Ask yourself the following questions: Will my office focus on design, project and administration? In addition to project management, do I have the ability to invest to take over a job? How much will I invest in my office? What staff should I hire?

    All these are questions that you should ask yourself before calling a provider or looking to rent a premises, once you are clear of these points then you can go to the next stage to start your office.


    At this stage we will give you some fundamental advice and strategies in the creation of all brand and company, these tips are oriented towards branding or «brand creation», as well as the analysis of the local market where you can develop yourself.

    Once you have decided to open your own office try to focus on how to guide your organization. Even if you start alone you always have to look towards the medium or long term. Think of incorporating more elements as the office gradually grows.

    How to open an architecure office with Globalization

    Globalization and community knowledge have become one of the main points to make a brand or office strong, since they will allow you to be up to date and you will be able to react more immediately to the changes and adapt to the new market trends. Some important tips for enterprising Architects are:

    • Identify your market or your potential customers. Conduct surveys in your community or identify which customer profile you want to go to. Once you’ve done this, focus on the idea of ​​offering something different. A good strategy is to emphasize what makes you different from others, (service, prices, etc.) all with the aim of innovating and attracting a profile Customer relationship.
    • Constantly update. Try to attend workshops, conferences or refresher courses constantly to keep up to date on the most important and innovative topics of Architecture, remember that a professional must be constantly updated.

    Marketing and Social Media

    • Marketing and social media. Today if you are not present in social networks your brand has no presence. It is vital to focus on social networks by creating official and institutional accounts where they can contact you to request your services.
    • But try to maintain an interaction with your followers. Do not use your social networks only as a wall to get notices. Do community and with it your work can reach more people. Undertake being up to date with the latest news on social networks.


    • Explore and look for new trends. The world of Architecture is in constant change and movement. Seeks to be informed about new trends and explores new customer profiles.
    • Organization. An organized office is a productive office. Try to establish protocols or processes of organization and management that allow you to have a working culture. If you have your own team, explain the way you want to work and how you think the office can get the job done efficiently and smoothly. Undertake in an organized way.
    • Publish your work. The best way to get publicity and create a brand is to present your work. Your work will speak for yourself, do it professionally in the social networks of your business and do not forget to add your contact details.
      Patience, perseverance and re-investment

    To start any type of business is a long distance career and there is no business or enterprise that generates immediate results. You must go slowly with perseverance and patience, set realistic goals every time to motivate you and you can measure yourself

    Patience, perseverance and re-investment

    To start any type of business is a long distance career and there is no business or enterprise that generates immediate results. You must go steadily with constancy and patience. Set realistic goals every time to motivate you and you can measure your results.

    Another point to consider when starting your own design office is the re-investment. A mistake many make is to keep all the profit or profit and not re-invest in the office. It allocates a percentage of each utility generated by the office to re-invest it in the same.

    This re-investment can be used to gradually improve your office. Expand it. Buy new furniture or even train or train your employees in the use of new specialized software for example. Start your office with patience and re-investing a part of your profits. That will ensure you do not have to worry about the expenses that are generated.

    Identify your strengths and weaknesses

    Every venture has its risks. However, if you manage to identify the weaknesses of your office in time, you will be taking a step to eliminate them. Nobody is born knowing how to start a business.

    The passage of time will give you the answers and you will see the actions that are generating dividends and those that do not, from time to time (3 months for example). Meet with your team (in case of That you have it) and if not, then you yourself make a self-critic of the work performed in that interval of time.

    In what aspects of the work of the office can be improved ?, Are customers satisfied with the work? What actions within the company consume too much resources and do not generate sufficient utility ?.

    Each company or office lives its own particular or specific problems. So do not forget to be doing this little «conscience test» to improve the development of your office. Start with your feet on the ground.

    Customer Support

    Customer service is essential in any business. Personalize the attention to your client and treat it with the highest professionalism possible. Remember that in the world of Architecture and Construction a satisfied and happy customer can become your best ally to recommend your work.


    Financing is a fundamental part of entrepreneurship and even more so if it is an office of Architecture. In most cases the entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs does not have the resources of their own to venture to undertake an office of Architecture.

    The rents and the payment of services as well as the bureaucratic procedures. Make that in some occasions the adventure of undertaking becomes a nightmare.

    In some countries there are government programs that grant credits at very low interest to entrepreneurs. In case you do not find financing or programs of this type, then a good option would be a «home office» to start to undertake.

    As you can see friends, being an entrepreneur goes beyond just making the decision to be. This implies that we take a series of measures and decisions related to our future business, planning is the basis of success of any business.

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