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The 5 Books that every Architecture Student should Read

Are you passionate about reading? Then this article is for you! Discover here the 5 books that every student of Architecture should read.

Reading should be one of the habits of every student, so we have made this compilation with what we consider are the best books for an Architecture student.


Today we bring you an article that can not be lost and even more if you are students of Architecture and we bring you no more or less than the 5 books that every student of Architecture should read, we consider that this collection of books is useful and contains the fundamentals and basic principles that will serve every student during the Architecture career, so without further ado let’s start with the recount.

Form Space and Order. Francis D. K. Ching

Form, space and order is the ideal book for a student of Architecture to have his first contact with the fundamentals of architectural design, this book systematically and exhaustively analyzes the foundations of architectural form, space and ordering from ideas and visual concepts easy to understand for the reader.

This book starts from the easiest forms to more complex compositions, you can study the point, the line, the plane, the volume, the scale and the guiding principles and hierarchical architectural design, you will always find in the example the theoretical part accompanied by material visual that will allow them to better understand the concept.

The measures of a house. Xavier Fonseca

The measurements of a house should be one of the bedside books for every student of Architecture, especially of the first levels or semesters, this book contains the study and analysis from the anthropometric point of view of the spaces of a house, as we all know the human being is the base and the scale to design the spaces, that is why in this book you will find from the measurements of the human being doing different activities to measures of furniture and accessories.

This book allows the reader to understand clearly and easily all the data of anthropometry, furniture analysis, urban design, environmental control, and other technical and design aspects of a home.

Visual Dictionary of Architecture. Francis D. K. Ching

The visual dictionary of Architecture is one of the great works of Francis DK Ching and really is a great help and base for all students of architecture in terms of design and construction, where you can find in an illustrated way many concepts and constructive forms developed as throughout history as well as their relationship between them.

We can say that this book is a visual vocabulary of the basics that an architect should know, definitely this book is a great guide and help for both students and architects.

Knowing how to see architecture Bruno Zevi

Knowing how to see architecture is an essay written by Bruno Zevi in ​​the year 1948 and it reflects ideas about the interpretation of space in architecture as well as the personal point of view it has about it, this book aims to bring the people to the architectural language in a very didactic way and from the point of view of the space itself and not from the sculpture or other arts as in the classic styles of Architecture. Definitely this book helps the student of Architecture to understand a little space itself and how it is transformed.

Think Architecture Peter Zumthor

Our last book in this account is Thinking about the Architecture of the Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor, this book is basically a compilation of writings over ten years that reflect the theoretical thinking of this prominent Architect. Definitely one of the great contributions of Peter Zumthor is in the academic field and this book is proof of that. Like the previous book, Thinking Architecture is an important theoretical work for every student of Architecture.

Well friends, we hope that this account has been to your liking do you have any other book you want to recommend? We invite you to tell us in a comment at the bottom of this article or through our social networks that are open for any questions, comments or suggestions. For more content like this remember to enter and recommend

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