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Do you plan to study architecture masters and still do not decide in which country to do it? Do not worry. Here we will tell you which are the best postgraduates to study this year.

At present the competition in the labor market is too high. That is why it is necessary to have a greater degree of specialty and many young people seek architecture masters.

Architecture Masters

    Top Offers of Architecture Masters in the World

    At present many young people or recent university graduates ask the same question: Continue studying or start to work? It is true that in many of our countries in Latin America the economic situation is not the most optimistic to think about choosing any of the masters or postgraduates in architecture and design that exist and continue studying.

    Which forces us to have to work even while we study.

    But well, some or many if you can give yourself the opportunity to ask that question or master with a scholarship. But the question is where do I graduate? Well, here we will tell you which are the 5 best countries for postgraduate studies in architecture and design abroad. Without further ado we begin with the count.

    1- Australia

    Australia as we all know is one of the best quality of life in the world. In addition to being consolidated in the last decades as one of the best destinations to learn English. It is also worth noting the great quality of its university education.

    There is a group composed of 8 universities that have excellent study programs in practically all areas of knowledge. In addition to that these Universities are focused on 100% research. Which automatically become recommended Universities to study a postgraduate.

    These study centers publish an extensive number of doctoral theses each year. The universities in question are the cities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Western Australia, Autralian National, Monash and New South Wales.

    2- Germany

    Germany is another European country of the first world that has all the necessary characteristics to be able to carry out a postgraduate in Architecture. The education and the Universities in Germany are those that enjoy a greater index of academic quality in Europe and the world.

    Besides that Have the equipment and the modern technology to be able to develop postgraduate investigations.

    As far as research is concerned, Germany is one of the leading research countries in Europe. As each year there are between 17,000 and 20,000 doctoral theses.

    According to recent studies and research there are 39 German universities among the 500 best in the world. While German colleges are located only behind the most prestigious US universities.

    3- United States

    In our count we continue with the United States. This country has some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Among which we can find the following: Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, Columbia.

    Among the public universities that have a reputation for their research we can find the University of Michigan and the University of Berkeley, as well as the University of Los Angeles.

    Due to its economic potential, excellent academic quality and the prestige of its schools, the United States is the perfect destination for postgraduate studies in architecture.

    Definitely the most striking of the United States and its education are its academic programs of excellence and many study centers offer exchange scholarships with many institutions in the world.

    4- UK

    The UK is another country that we have to include in this recount. As some of the best universities specializing in research and postgraduate studies are located there.

    Among the Universities that offer the best programs of study and of excellent quality we can find the following ones: Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College of London. Their quality of life as well as their high educational standards place the United Kingdom as one of the best countries to study a postgraduate.

    Of course. To be able to enter and study in one of these recognized Universities we must have an excellent management of the English language. A «disadvantage» of this country to call it somehow is its expensive quality of life. So if you plan to go to study The United Kingdom seeks to have something saved or to get a scholarship.

    5- China

    China currently leads the ranking of the world’s most powerful economies and is one of the countries that most economically grow a year. Within a few years it is expected to become the world’s leading power surpassing the United States. The educational sectors that most excel in China are those that have to do with Engineering and Architecture.

    There are more and more universities and business schools admitting foreign students in this country. Most of them being scholarships from the Chinese government or the governments and private institutions of their countries of origin.

    At present. More than 400 university centers in China welcome students from all corners of the globe. Tongji University in Shanghai is one of the most requested for studies related to engineering and architecture. One of the disadvantages of this country is clearly related to customs and lifestyle that is very different from that of Latin America.

    Types of Postgraduate Courses

    There are different masters or postgraduate in architecture oriented each of them towards a niche or specific field of action in Architecture. Here we will tell you the objectives and profiles to which each of them are focused.

    The financial crisis in the last decade affected the emerging economies and many developing countries were affected in their number of scholarships offered to study a postgraduate. However there are government programs that, together with educational institutions launch competitions to offer scholarships in Masters and doctorates.

    In Latin America, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile are the institutions that offer a greater number of postgraduate programs and their educational programs are among the most recognized in the world.

    Postgraduate courses in Urbanism

    The masters in urbanism are oriented to be part of the process of social and economic improvement of the urban centers through the design, construction and planning.

    These masters will basically give you the opportunity to contribute to specific developing communities using previously learned design and planning methods, urbanism. Is a very social field of study that will allow you to work with people and help develop communities.

    Postgraduate courses in Sustainable Development

    Another field of study is the Masters in Sustainable Development which offer you scientific knowledge and tools to analyze from the point of view of the environment and the natural resources a particular community.

    This will allow you to understand resources and environmental, social and economic flows in the site And its surroundings. For this you will combine your architectural knowledge seeking to adapt to them and the population can take advantage of them properly and have environmentally responsible and enduring solutions.

    Theoretical postgraduates in Architecture

    The theoretical aspect is another niche and field in which you can specialize and study a master’s degree, those who study this type of masters learn specific design methodologies that integrate interdisciplinary groups. All with the purpose of creating integral and efficient solutions.

    Postgraduate in Restoration

    These types of masters form new researchers capable of performing analyzes, studies and criticisms on the concepts and theoretical and methodological approaches of Architecture.

    For this, the History of Architecture is also used as a fundamental pillar for the study of living spaces. Another important point of the theoretical masters is that they will allow you to have the knowledge. Elaboration and practice of conservation projects of historical heritage.

    Masters online

    The internet and new technologies have allowed education to go beyond classrooms. Now offer multiple online postgraduate courses.

    Many of the most prestigious universities in Europe and Latin America have launched offers to study postgraduate courses via the internet. If you do not have the Ability to move to another country. Online postgraduate courses are a good option for you.

    Well friends, as you can see studying a postgraduate in architecture abroad is important to be able to specialize and get a better paid job, plus you will have the plus of knowing another country, another culture and why not? To another language.

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